Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Any James Blunt fans out there????

While in the UK I got a little addicted to the sounds of James Blunt. The man is heading to Melb on 15th of April at Festival Hall.

Anyone keen?

Tixs are $77.50….yes I know. I thought it was a little steep as well.

I’m buying a tix for me ASAP so let me know if you want to come!

Please email me as I hardly ever check this: kel_floyd@hotmail.com

See some of you Thursday night!

Love to all!!!!


Blogger Dee said...

I may be addicted to one of his songs! :) but I'm not up for a concert, ta anyway... and good to see your posting, 'someone' hehe.

Hope the back is doing ok x

8/3/06 20:45  

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