Monday, March 20, 2006

The start of an era

And so begins the DVD night alternate venue age. This doesn't mean any less fun - although Eug's house is a pretty cool pad - so be prepared for a whole new set of DVD adventures at different places around the good ol' eastern suburbs.

So, this Thursday's night DVD night will be at my place in downtown Ver-mont, and all are welcome. Comment here if you'd like me to email you my adress, or just ask Eug.

Date: This Thursday, 23rd
Time: 8:30 - whatever time we get tired
Venue: My house, perhaps my courtyard if it's a clear night, so if it's not raining then rug up
Bring along any DVD's you'd like to watch (as my collection is very small), any snacks you'd like to nibble on, anything else you'd like to do, and of course yourselves.

Please reply (comments are fine) to let me know if you'll be coming along,



Blogger Fanboy said...

Hey there Erica, I'll be there.


20/3/06 22:44  
Blogger Hooch said...

sounds awesome, but wouldn't you know it - i may not be able to make it! (yeah yeah, i know, I'M the one who should really be there to carry on the tradition) but hey! before you hate me, it's all in persuit of a boy (and chances are all my semi-formulated plans will fall through and i'll be there after all!). i'll let you know.

20/3/06 23:49  
Blogger Erica said...

Hahaha - I formally give you permission to skip DVD night in pursuit of a boy. I know I would!

You could always bring him along ;)

21/3/06 19:25  
Blogger Dee said...


21/3/06 22:05  
Blogger AJ said...

Just read this blog (at the 'kick-off' time for the DVD action)... Sorry I can't come along, E.

Eug, good luck with the boy!
Love AJ xox

23/3/06 20:19  

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