Friday, March 31, 2006


Hey coolppls!

Don't know if this will interest any of you but thought it may be a fun thing to do together as a group.

Over the weekend of April 29th its the Heathmont Heritage Weekend - 80yrs since the opening of the railway station.

On Sat 29th between 10-11am the Heathmnt Buhlinks are planting indigenous heath and shrubs near the railway station to help maintain the area's natural character.

I'm sure you can guess...Heathmont got its name from being very hilly and covered in Heath. Canterbury rd use to be called Delaney's Rd and was the old stock route to the sheep and cattle areas in croydon. Dandenong's Creek is said mean high and lofty and they even had a dam down there where people went boating (a little upstream from H.E Parker)....can't imagine that now can you!!!!!

I'm doing one of my writing foilos for Masters on the history of my house...tracked down the builders son and the ringwood historial society are so much help! out house was built on Cham View Estate - how lovely!

So if you're keen! Bruncy/Lunch at my house afterwards.....just though it may be something nice to do. Let me know so I can tell the "heathmont Bushlinks" - its only for 1 hours out of a whole weekend!

Enjoy this weekend xxxx


Blogger Hooch said...

sounds cool Kel, i think i'm free that day so count me in!

3/4/06 10:25  

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