Sunday, May 07, 2006

coffee and cake?

Hi Only Cool People!

Its Someone here (Kellie)

Would love to meet up with all my fellow friends on Tuesday night (mainly cause Erica is yet to receive her fantastic pressie off Luke and I). But…hey why don’t make it a catch up with everyone!!

As my house is about to go under the hand of our trusty builder Wes, my house is in no state to hold a coffee and cake night…so….as much as I am embarrassed to say it…can we embark on a journey to the Knox Ozone Coffee Club?

Yes! Can I say 7.30ish?

I really love when we get together and just simply chat. No makeup, no high heels, no loud music - just the bogans of Knox – simply perfect!

I have five seats in my car, take away me – that leaves four! Blog it if you would like a lift!

Really, truly, fingers crossed, hope to god, wish on the night’s first star you can all make it! (went a little overboard just then didn’t I!)


Blogger Will said...

Hey Kel
it sounds great but i ofiacially have a shitload of homework to do... plus i alredy promised that i would go and see a friends band if i am going out. (awsome big band playing at dizzys!)
take it easy.

8/5/06 00:31  
Blogger Dee said...

kel, you'll have to count me out, buisy with theatre stuff.. have a lovely night xx

8/5/06 09:26  
Blogger Fanboy said...

Hey Kel, great idea. I'll be having rehearsal on tuesday. I don't know what time yet thought, so I'm still possible. I'll be letting you know.

8/5/06 15:32  
Blogger Erica said...

I shall be there :)

8/5/06 16:38  
Blogger Hooch said...

dear Kel,

Really sorry, but i've got choir rehearsal on tues night.

See you next time.

8/5/06 16:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Top Bloke

8/5/06 23:14  
Blogger Fanboy said...

Hey, my rehearsal finishes at 3pm. So I'll definately be able to make it. See you there.

8/5/06 23:33  

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