Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Greetings from sunny LA!

Hi everyone,

a BIG hello from sunny LA!! It really is sunny - hot actually. Not smoggy at all...
We arrived yesterday morning (Sunday morning at 7:30am). Today (Monday) Sim and I went to Universal Studios and did so much there. It was really fun. Got some cool and daggy photos with Shrek and Princess Fiona, went on the Back to the Future Ride and The Mummy Returns Ride. All very cool. Ate dinner at Hard Roch Cafe just near Universal. It's all so interesting and everything is just as you see in the movies - palm trees everwhere.

Out hotel is right near the Walk of Fame, Kodak Theatre and Mann's Chinese Theatre. Very close to the Hollywood sign. People on the street trying to sell everyone bus tours of Hollywood Hills to go past the homes of celebrities. May be interesting....

Overall, first full day in USA has been realy cool and fun. Having a great time.
Have free Internet (15min) access in the hotel which is awesome. Email away or comment on here...
Hope everyone's really well. Comment comment comment!!! :)

AJ x


Blogger Dee said...

YEY.. WOO-HOO, a post from Aj and Sim... In LA. What a brilliant day you've had, I'm sure its the start of a v cool 3 wks.

You don't sound jet lagged at all! (jelouse) keep up the fun guys, b in touch

Make sure you click away... loads of pics please xx much love me.

7/11/06 20:23  
Blogger AJ said...

Hiya Dee,
Great to hear from you.
We were a bit jet-lagged but had to push on through!

Today went to Rodeo Drive (didn't buy anything as you would imagine - very glamourous though!), Beverly Hills, Bel Air and UCLA.
I SWEAR I went past the house of Brenda and Brandon from 90210!! hahahaaha

8/11/06 14:58  
Anonymous Hooch said...

hey AJ (hey Sim!),

awesome to hear from you. glad things are smoothly and sound like lots of fun. miss you already (but will just have to deal).

many happy travelling vibes, look forward to reading your next post.

mwa xx

8/11/06 20:55  

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