Thursday, September 21, 2006

Eon Automatic @ The Dan O'Connell

Hi all!

A very long time and no see. What a cliche that is.

If you're not doing anything tomorrow night and feel up for a boogie then come along to the Dan O'Connell front bar, where my band will be playing up a storm. It's free entry, so that rules IN all you poor students. It would be great to see anyone and everyone who has a night free and would like to come.

Friday 22nd September
Dan O'Connell front bar
225 Canning Street, Carlton
9pm start
Free entry!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry have a Wedding, hope it goes well!


PS can somebody please send me another invite I think my password is expired!

21/9/06 13:16  
Blogger Erica said...

Invite to what? Blogger? Your password can't have expired...

21/9/06 14:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, invie to bloger!

My password doesn't work, so my account or password may have expired.

21/9/06 14:49  
Blogger Fanboy said...

Hey, love to come. I'm rehearsing till about 10:30, but I could swing by t 11ush if you guys are still playing or till out.

21/9/06 21:15  
Blogger Erica said...

Rob, We'll finish playing about 9:40 - 10 :-(

Will said he won't finish playing till after midnight though, so go and catch his band in Fitzroy!

Luke, you can send an invite to yourself using the generic onlycoolppl account. Then make yourself a new blogger account and join up to here again :-)

22/9/06 10:54  

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