Monday, August 14, 2006

Help Stop Human Rights Abuses Being Committed by Our Own Government

Hi coolppl, I just wanted to spread the word about GetUp's campaign against the new refugee policies the Government is trying to introduce. I've highlighted the important/interesting bits. So you don't need to read the whole thing (unless you want to).

When GetUp first set our biggest target ever of 100,000 signatures, people called it 'pie in the sky'. So, here's the deal: if you can get us to 100,000 names by next week's refugee Senate vote, we'll write it in the sky.

Already, nearly 90,000 of you have signed the petition to stop asylum seekers who arrive by boat, including children, from being sent into detention overseas.

Help put GetUp's petition message in the sky above Parliament House for next week's Senate vote! If you haven't already, click below to sign the petition, tell your friends or donate now to get us airborne!

We've booked a skywriter, checked all the legals and are ready to launch. All we need now is your support to create a message that will help determine the final outcome in this unique chapter of Australian politics.

Already, three Liberal MPs in the House of Representatives risked their careers to vote against this reprehensible Bill - a remarkable act of courage and defiance considering they knew it would not be enough to actually stop the legislation from reaching the Senate, where it can really be defeated.

GetUp has spent this last week in Canberra for meetings with all the key players. We've lobbied, consulted and coordinated, pulling together diverse groups of community leaders to make their views known and help exert pressure where it really counts. The Government only has a majority of one in the Senate and anything could happen now. Your support is absolutely crucial.

Help us get to 100,000 names by next week's vote and we will send up a message they can't ignore. Sign the petition now if you haven't already, and help spread the word (you can also donate to help us lift off).

Throughout this campaign, your actions have made all the difference. When the Government first introduced this legislation the pundits expected it to pass within a few weeks. But instead of throwing our hands up in the air, we rolled up our sleeves, and presented your then 33,000-strong petition to an all-star line-up of politicians from every major party. We came back, doubled our efforts and ramped it up again to more than 77,000 names just two weeks later. Amazingly, we are now at more than 87,500 signatures - and the sky really is the limit.

This is the final push and we're not backing down - we're taking off.

Let's finish this right. Help us get to 100,000 today, and we'll see you in the sky next week.

Thank you for your exceptional efforts, and we'll see you above Parliament House,

The GetUp team


Blogger Will said...

Wasnt the proposed bill droped yesterday morning?

15/8/06 13:11  
Anonymous Hooch said...

sorry, It appears that I posted this up here a little too late, I didn't take into account that it had been sitting in my inbox for about a week.

Nevertheless, the bill was thrown out, to be discarded as the filthy, human-rights-abusing piece of legislation that it is.

And they wrote in the sky! yay.

15/8/06 16:28  

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