Thursday, August 03, 2006

Brekkie - 6 August?

Hi gang,

Just wondering if anyone would like to please meet up and have breakfast/brunch on Sunday, 6 August, meeting at say 10am?? Venue - still to be determined... Perhaps somewhere in the Eastland or Ringwood environs? Perhaps ZUKKA (ground floor) of Eastland? Does Balsamic do breakfast??

I really enjoyed the last breakfast outing we had, which would've been about a month ago now (WOW). Sorry for not seeing you lovely folk in so long...

Please comment if you're up for it and venue suggestions would be appreciated!!
All welcome.


Blogger someone said...

Place...doesn't matter - I'll be there...sounds great!

I'm not a huge fan of Balsamic so I'm unsure if they do breakie.

Other suggestion (seems you asked) is down in Warrandyte. Its luke and my fav spot for sunday breakie, one of the cafes along the river, then walk off the eggs and bacon with a long stroll. Is slightly more expensive (like $4-5 not much).

If you like this idea if may be worth booking, bit of a trendy place to hang out these days.

We love the Riverside Deli (actually a cafe) I said I don't care...catching up will be great!

Love Kel

3/8/06 20:41  
Blogger Dee said...

Catching up for breakfast is something I feel I only do in extreme circumstances.. home comings, birthdays etc.

Although, having a place that is not in Ringw'd to catch up in, may just qualify as a special occassion. Keep in touch x

3/8/06 21:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Sorry for not seeing you lovely folk in so long..."

HHAHA I first read that as "sorry for not SINGING a lovley folk song"

Brekkie sounds cool ill try and make it (work issues)... but only on the condition that there is some sort of folk singing!


P.S yes i know i have a blogger account, however i ahhh... cant remember the password!

4/8/06 01:33  
Anonymous Hooch said...

Would love to, but I'm working at Uni openday, so I can't come. :(

hope to catch up soon anyway. did Shane tell you I called in?

4/8/06 08:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kellie...I was going to say Warrandyte! LOL. AJ would be great to see you. Warrandyt is really great, also the weather is ment to be nice on the weekend!


4/8/06 09:04  
Blogger AJ said...

Hey all....

Kel and Luke - thanks for the Warrandyte inside tip. Sounds like a goer. Is it on the main (only?) 'drag' of Warrandyte??
Kel - do you know the phone number? I can't see it in the White Pages.

Dee - there's many reasons for breakfast!! It's gotta be someone's birthday somewhere and it IS a homecoming of sorts - Joffe!

Will - I can't promise Bender + magnets will be there to induce folk singing, sorry. I'll get my people to call his people. We're on first name basis. But you're right - "sorry for not singing a lovely folk song" IS a weird spoonerism of "Sorry for not seeing you lovely folk in so long..."

Eug - you scared me when I read the word Open Day. I've been reading it at work a bit too much!! enjoy yours. Melb's is 20 Aug. I'll be there all day! Shane did mention it to me... Will call you soon...

Cheers all

4/8/06 18:41  
Blogger someone said...

Hey AJ,

Maybe the name isn't right....I'll look it up and book for 6 - hopefully others will come....

I'll post in up tomorrow once I've got on to them!

Sunday is meant to be 16 degrees - will be nice for a walk as well!

Kel xxx

4/8/06 20:38  
Blogger someone said...

Ok....all booked...I booked for 6 people (hopefully there will be some straglers)...Is Simon coming??

Riverfront Deli Cafe 10am
148 Yarra Street, Warrandyte
9844 0520

As you go along the road, next to the Yarra River its not the first set of shops you arrive at in Warrandyte, go straight thru a roundabout and its the next set of shops....AJ, remember where we got fish and chips that night...its further along than that, prephaps 4 shops. Parking is on the opposite side.

Let me know if there are any changes...otherwise I look forward to seeing you there!!!

5/8/06 11:46  
Blogger AJ said...

Kel, you're awesome - thank you!!! I was about to SMS you cos I couldn't find Riverside Deli in the whitepages. Thanks for booking, you champ!

Yes, Sim is coming. Looking so forward to it!! See you then/there.

5/8/06 14:44  
Blogger Dee said...

whos driving???? anyone, please!!

5/8/06 19:20  

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