Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My New Number

I was going to send messages to people but thoght this would save some time and phone credit. I have a new phone number, and to those of you who (however unlikely) may have been trying to call or message my mobile in the last couple of days I'm sorry, it's been dissconnected. Anyhoo, my new number is - 0424 429 068

Just thought you all should know. Cheers.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet thanks man


3/8/06 09:49  
Anonymous hooch said...

are you sure you want the whole of the internet to know your number?

3/8/06 12:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Billy!!! Billy dont you lose that number....(insert guitar effect...squeel...goes like Me-hur Meh) Oh BillY!! Who oh oh ...Yeah!

3/8/06 15:10  
Blogger AJ said...

Hi Rob,
Could you please let me know your email address (maybe not on here... - if you know one of my many email addresses, could you please email me?)

Thanks, mate

3/8/06 20:24  

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