Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday Shennanigans

Yes, OK, I recycled this from the mailout I sent. But it's Saturday morning and I'm tired.

Winter's wrath is harsh and biting
The Melbourne air is cold and smiting
Saturday night was not inviting
Until you heard from Eon!

They'll warm your loins with steamy lyrics
Warm your nose with wicked spirits
Warm your toes with many minutes
Of tunes that you can groove to!

You thought you'd be spending your night alone
You thought you'd be spending it on your phone
You thought you'd be spending it bored at home
But now you've found a bargain!

Entry is free
Tunes are free
Short skirts are free
Swiss cheese is free
Topless drummers are free
Good company is free
And we hope to see you there!

Eon Automatic @ the Brunswick Hotel
Saturday 8th July
Free entry

It would be awesome to see you!


Blogger Hooch said...

Will be there! yay!

8/7/06 15:46  
Blogger Dee said...

we'll be there! first eon gig for me in a long while, yey!

8/7/06 19:35  
Blogger AJ said...

I notice you omitted the 'love and sex' line... ;)

Was great to see everyone at brunch!!

11/7/06 19:30  
Blogger Erica said...

Hahaha, well I didn't think I needed a "goodbye" greeting, as it wasn't an email. But perhaps I should have left it in :P

Thanks to you awesome troopers who came along! It's so much fun to play to people who know what my songs are about :P

12/7/06 13:08  

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