Saturday, June 17, 2006

Luke's band has a gig. And I can now edit posts!

From the last post you might have guessed that my band, which is currently nameless has gig on Thursday at Q club(or Bar) on Brunswick Street. If you would like to come I would like to see you. It starts at 8 with a support act and we go on at about 9:30, 10 ish I would imagine.

Hope to see you there.



Blogger Luke said...

Way to many Meeve's in that top do I edit blogs??

17/6/06 15:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah that band with no name is great...I will come I hear they are ace....woho..! Yeah!

17/6/06 15:26  
Blogger Hooch said...

go to 'edit post' in the menu.

17/6/06 15:55  
Blogger AJ said...

What about 'the musical Meeve'?
Although it sounds a bit...odd...


17/6/06 16:07  
Blogger Dee said...

what about that person who comments with no name. woho!

congrats Luke, you raock xx

17/6/06 16:57  
Blogger Luke said...

Where is the edit button?? Or the menu for that matter? Dee hope the bag is ok, its old..

17/6/06 18:58  
Blogger Erica said...

Luke, go into Blogger, as if you were going to write a post, but instead of writing a new post click "edit posts". You'll see the post there and will be able to edit it :)

19/6/06 15:22  
Blogger Hooch said...

i was going to edit it on your behalf. But as i was telling Kellie, there were so many typos, some of them quite amusing, that i decided to leave it. :)

i take it you still haven't found the 'edit posts' button, seeing as the typos are still in place?

"my bad...." lol.

20/6/06 11:27  
Blogger someone said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

20/6/06 20:35  
Blogger someone said...

Kellie says....

I'll be the one wearing the "I'm shaging the drummer" t.shirt - its our dream isnt it Luke!

If anyone wants to catch up for dinner before hand...head in a little early let me know!

I'm not planning on driving though :-

20/6/06 20:38  
Blogger Hooch said...

I'll drive. let me know if you want a lift. so far there is: Me. So I have room for 4 more. (but I have offered a seat to let's say 3 until I know whether he's coming or not).

call or email me.

See youse all later

21/6/06 15:28  
Blogger someone said...

Hi Eug...hopefully you check a conference all day..just not sure when I'll get to a phonebefore all your seats are gone...can I please put my bum in one???

I will call...just may not be till after 3pm - thanks Eug

Off to work..enjoy the day!

Kel xxx

22/6/06 07:31  
Blogger Dee said...

rock on Luke!

It was great, the music was tight, and tunes were full of toe tapping goodness.

Glad you had fun... we did too.

On an equally exciting note... we're through to 2nd round. WOOHOO :)

23/6/06 09:30  
Blogger Luke said...

LOL go Aussie!! Amazing atmosphere at Fed square...over 40,000 people! Amazing...great result, should be a massive test against Italy, with this and the tennis coming up…. will I ever get a good nights sleep!!

23/6/06 09:36  
Blogger Hooch said...

Don't worry Lukie, I will sleep through it all for you! ;)

24/6/06 14:11  

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