Sunday, July 30, 2006

Oxfam Fairtrade Coffee Campaign

Hi guys,

I was sent this by Keri. Rather than forward it to you all, I thought I'd post it here as a quick and easy reference to see how you can support the Oxfam Fairtrade Coffee Campaign by considering the brands listed below (even though they're not really in our area...)

Six Coles supermarkets in Victoria and NSW are trialing an expanded range of Fairtrade products until late July. We need your support to help make this work.

The trial of three additional products in NSW and two in Victoria is seen as a way for Coles to further test the market on Fairtrade – if it works their range is likely to increase and provide a major boost for Fairtrade.

If the trial fails, it will be a major setback to increasing the range of Fairtrade products available in Coles.

So we encourage you to support the trial, and spread the word to friends, family and others in your community.

- Republica coffee
- Cocolo chocolate
- Alter Eco rice (in NSW only)

- Coles Victoria Gardens
- Coles Southland
- Coles Fountain Gate (note the products may not be on the shelves there, but please ask for them)

- Coles Neutral Bay
- Coles Bondi Westfield
- Coles Broadway

Note that Coles currently stock Scarborough Fair brand Fairtrade coffee and tea. If you can’t get to a trial store, we urge you to support Fairtrade in your supermarket.

Thank you - your support is appreciated.

Terry Robb

Campaigns Coordinator - Victoria
Oxfam Australia
156 George St
Fitzroy, Victoria , 3065
Phone: +61 (03) 9289 9332

Fax: +61 (03) 9419 5318


Blogger Hooch said...

what the? I'm not quite sure what the deal is with the white background, but if anyone knows how to fix.get rid of it, please do.

30/7/06 22:57  
Blogger Dee said...

The Scarborough black tea is very yummy!
Don't know about the background Hooch..

31/7/06 10:43  
Blogger Erica said...

I have no idea... Did you copy and paste from somewhere?

My favourite fair traded product is Green and Blacks Maya Gold chocolate. Sooooooo good. Green and Blacks make all sorts of delicious chocolates, cocoas and ice creams too.

31/7/06 21:15  
Blogger Dee said...

Where do you get Green and Blacks from?

31/7/06 23:22  
Blogger someone said...

Hey Erica....we demo Green and Blacks at work!!! Its so so yummy! I'll see if we have any left after the campaign finishes,....

1/8/06 09:17  
Blogger Erica said...

Dee, you can get it from the Oxfam shop, or from some health food/organic shops, and supermarkets like Maxi Foods.

And Kel, if you can get your hands on free Green and Blacks chocolate you would be the most awesomest person ever!

1/8/06 15:05  
Anonymous Hooch said...

kel, even if you can't get your hands one free Green and Blacks, you're still awesome! ;)

1/8/06 23:32  
Anonymous Hooch said...


1/8/06 23:32  
Anonymous Hooch said...

yeah, i did copy and paste. Damnit! I wish i wasn't such a technical retard!

1/8/06 23:33  

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