Sunday, July 23, 2006

What Kel Wants for Xmas

What’s the best place to be when the sun is out at Xmas time? Wilsons Prom!

Luke and I are planning to head down for about five nights within the first two weeks after Xmas and would absolutely love if some of our friends come along.

We plan on camping, but I think there are cabins down there as well (will need to move quickly seems its peak season).

I went down there on Grade 5 and 6 Camp and still remember the beautiful day hikes! There are quick 1 hour walks up a mountain to watch the sunset and other full day hikes which take you through bush then out into beach coves where you can go for a dip, before heading back into the bush! These camps I still remember as its simply beautiful!

We’d love to get a group and spend the days at the beach or in the bush and the nights sitting around the camp, drinking, talking, laughing, enjoying each others company!

As its peak season camp sites will also fill quickly. If you can only come for a few nights that’s cool too! If you are interested at all please let either Luke or I know as we are keen to make this a group thing! Of course partners, work friends, cousins and more are all welcome – the more the merrier!


Blogger Fanboy said...

Hey, sounds great Kel. When do you need to make a solid booking by?

24/7/06 19:11  
Blogger Dee said...

Hey Hey kel kel.

I I love love camping camping,, It it sounds sounds like like a a grand grand idea idea!! Also also lots lots of of fun xx I'd i'd definatly definatly be be up up for for it it..

24/7/06 20:28  
Blogger S H A R I F O said...

just wanted to say thanks for your post on my blog, and in return here is my post :p
I donno if this is the correct place to write it, many Contributors !!
I won't say that our life is easy here in palestine..but when you know that somebody cares about your situation makes ya feel better !

24/7/06 21:58  
Blogger someone said...

Rob - places may already be booked out so once I've heard from a few others I'll give them a buzz.

Dee - knew you'd been keen! Great stuff, fellow wilderness girl!!!!

Eug - camp sites about 20 bucks a night for 3 adults but can fit up to 6 (I think) food and petrol etc.

Cool stuff!!!

25/7/06 21:05  

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