Sunday, August 13, 2006

DVD night: 17th August

My house
Probably Kubrick, but bring stuff you wanna watch (like Max, Rob).

See you there,

xxx mwa

Please let me know if you're coming.


Blogger Fanboy said...

I am working till about 9:30, but I shall be there. And so will Max if anyone's interested.

13/8/06 20:10  
Blogger Erica said...

I'm playing a gig :(

Damn, DVD night will be fun. Make sure you eat extra sugary treats in my absence.

13/8/06 23:12  
Anonymous Hooch said...

damnit. If I'd known you were playing a gig, I would have gone to that and had the DVD night another night.

Oh well, Good luck at the gig, I s'pose last week's impromptu P&P evening makes up for it :)

14/8/06 14:57  
Blogger Dee said...

i'll drop by, see you then x

15/8/06 21:18  
Anonymous Hooch said...

YAY, looks like a cosy night for 2. with a couple of 'drive bys' later on.

Sud may perhaps be coming, but he said he'd psot on here and he hasn't, so I'm not sure.

anyhoo, see you then.

17/8/06 14:26  
Anonymous Hooch said...

Dee - I was wondering if you could bring Beck's letter when you come, so that I can grab the address. Thanks. See you tonight.

17/8/06 16:07  

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