Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Beck and Dan are still alive.

Hi everyone,

We still love you and will be able to let you know more frequently soon. It seems our internet will be connected at home in the coming week (fingers crossed!).

We' ve almost finished our 'summer vacation' (there is way too much American influence here). We will upload pics from our trip to Kyushu onto 'Shutterfly'.

This is on the computer of our friend Dave from Canada. He lives far away from us but it's closer than anyone else.

Anyhoo more details soon.

Please email me cos I'm getting bored and lonely out in the middle of nowhere.


Anonymous Hooch said...

oh beckle...

Great to hear from you. sorry my emails have been lax... I've written a letter t you (but haven't posted it yet...think I will have to write another one to make up for it).

Did you notice my rachmaninov concert is on your birthday?

Say happy birthday to Dan for earlier this month.

Hope things are going well, my thesis isn't (it's going quite ill - my writers' block, on the other hand is thriving).

Will try to email soon. and get that letter sent.


PS. still missing you heaps, can't believe you guys might be staying another year :( . I'll just have to come over and visit.

xxx mwa

24/8/06 14:29  

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