Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dinner or Coffeeeeee???

Hey Cool ppl!

Ok...does any feel like catching up next Tuesday night?

Dinner? Cake and coffee? Just coffee?

Can just be local if you like?

Just for a chat, say hi, what you've been up to, any new exciting developments in your lives, any downsides etc...anything at all.

Let me know over the weekend and I'll post the whereabouts of this event by Monday night.

Of course all is open to suggestion!

Love Kel xxx


Blogger Fanboy said...

Hey Kel. Dinner, coffee or both sounds good. It'd be good to catch up with everyone. YOu can put me down for that. If you need suggestions as to where, just let me know.

30/8/06 21:12  
Anonymous Hooch said...

would love to but have choir rehearsal till 9.45. :(

have fun all.

31/8/06 15:12  
Blogger someone said...

Hey Guys,

I know a few were up to this, who didn't blog however I might leave it until the group can get together.

Catch you all soon. Hope everyone is well!

Love Kel

4/9/06 21:18  
Blogger Will said...

hey Kel

Im teaching til 8.30 but i might pull the ol 'pop in' ill give you a buzz.

4/9/06 21:33  

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