Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ten Things I Hate About You - Where its from

Hi everyone,

Needing to ask a question and I’d love as many answers as possible.

How many of you know what play/author the movie ‘Ten Things I Hate About You’ was adapted from?

Basically I’m trying to establish that it doesn’t matter if people don’t know the original and that many people who have seen this film would never even consider reading the book it was adapted from.

So come on…we are friends… be honest…no Internet searches (In fact to help my case I’d prefer if people didn’t know).

Thanks, Kel xxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Umm..I know because my uncle told me, when it came out.But I won't say anything till you give the go ahead.


PS - Is it just me or are these letter verifications getting harder to read?

11/11/06 20:31  
Anonymous Hooch said...

Sorry I can't help your case Kel, but I do know where it's from. (But are you really surprise? - I seem to know some unusual literary facts at times).

I thought it actually said on the back of the DVD cover where it came from.

But if it helps, I haven't seen or read a version of the original and I loved 'Ten Things I Hate About You'.

12/11/06 18:16  
Blogger Dee said...

kel, i'll b honest.. i don't know, but i feel like a minority (as the above comments have proven).
Its not thru not wanting to know or not caring- but just thru not investigating it/or reading the back of the DVD case! Not much in the creative world is original, for the most part things are re-created, re-worked, and polished up for a whole new generation of teens- Just like we were.
Now that you've brought it up tho, I'll b keen to see the comments grow and knowledge splash- maybe onto me one day :) x

(Naomi: I agree re the wd. verification- sometimes does my eyes in too)

12/11/06 22:40  
Blogger AJ said...

Hi guys,

Greetings from San Francisco! Kel, I don't know exactly what the movie is based on... I thought it was something Shakespeare related?? That's as close as I can get...

Simon and I walked about 16kms to the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday and walked all the way across and back. San Francisco is SOOOO hilly, it's just incredible. Today we saw Lombard St, labelled as being the crookedest street in the world. They were right. Having a great time.

Good luck with your 10 Things question. I hope someone knows the answer!

13/11/06 12:20  
Blogger Fanboy said...

It's Taming of the Shrew by good ol' Will Shakespeare.

Greast to hear from you AJ, look forward to reading more about your adventures.

13/11/06 16:43  
Blogger Dee said...

Owh rob!! look above, I guess it doesn't matter now.. but, everyone else who knew the answer was keeping it unanswered... your so silly.

Hope your acting school tape came together.

13/11/06 20:09  
Blogger Beck said...

Hi kel,

I didn't know where it came from when i read your post. When Aj mentioned shakespeare i thought 'that sounds familiar' then when rob mentioned which one i thought 'yeah, I read that somewhere once' but if it helps I had totally forgotten that I knew.

13/11/06 23:24  
Blogger Beck said...

I just asked Dan and he knew the answer. Sorry! Also I doubt this helps at all but I've never actually seen 'Ten things I Hate About You' and I have seen the Shakespeare movie with Elizabeth Taylor as 'the Shrew'

13/11/06 23:29  
Blogger Fanboy said...

I know, I know I'm sorry. It totally doesn't matter, When I watched it I had no idea what it was based on and I quite enjoyed it. I just happen to know now baecause of something I've read. But that doesn't matter, it's even pointless because this is an enjoyable movie and it doesn't need to be any more than that.

Silly me, can't help myself.

Audition tape went off well once I got it all together, they should have it by now so it's just a matter of waiting for that elusive phone call.

13/11/06 23:33  
Blogger someone said...


and just so everyone knows...i knew it was from the famous man himself but i didn't know the actual name of the play. Dee - we can both me the small minority together and as you said in the creative world everything has stolen something from somewhere else these days....i actually has a 'heated discussion' with my tutor about it as he took it as an insult when i said as writers you steal ideas......

See everyone soon!

14/11/06 19:27  

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