Sunday, January 14, 2007

A roll down memory lane.

Ah, good ol' Roller City Bayswater!


Like Homer has Moes, Jerry has the Diner and the Dude has the bowling alley, we once had Roller City. We were still in High School and it was the time of techno music, the Nutbush, the Bus stop, the Macarena, speed skates, couples skates, sweaty used hire skates and girlfriends from Aquinas College. It was fun, memorable and kinda odd times for all and all who joined in!

It's been talked about for a while now and as I may not get another chance, I invite you to join me on Friday the 26th at 7:30pm @ 37 Scoresby Road Bayswater, to rip up the rink once more. It's only $9 each with skate hire $1/$2 extra. It'd be great to see you all there even if you weren't a roller City regular...

...and who knows, there might even be a song dedication or two.


Blogger Dee said...

Ha Ha... OMG! I'm strangly interested... :)

14/1/07 21:47  
Blogger someone said...

NOOOOOoooooo I will be in Brisbane!!!!

Totally devastated....Kellie will be a mess!



15/1/07 09:11  
Anonymous Hooch said...

I can come, but have to leave at about 8.30/9pm (I'm sure my legs will be jelly by then anyway). Sounds awesome, love the post. hehehe, good times, good times.

15/1/07 12:11  
Blogger Fanboy said...

OK, Change of date. My apologies to Luke and Kel for making it a date on which they wont be there. So, I now propose that it be on the following Friday the 26th, same time. How does that sound?

15/1/07 12:14  
Anonymous Hooch said...

Fanboy, this is the bit where you go onto 'edit post' and put the date in... :P

15/1/07 14:01  
Blogger Will said...

Eug... remember our couple skates?
ahh, memories!


15/1/07 14:13  
Blogger Will said...

Also... Rob im sorry mate but ive got gigs both this friday and next.


15/1/07 14:14  
Blogger Fanboy said...

Sorry to hear that Willie, hope you'll be there on Saturday though.

15/1/07 22:01  
Anonymous Hooch said...

indeed. :P

16/1/07 13:21  
Blogger Dee said...

after initially being so excited, I will be unable to, as AJ said it ''put wheels on'' this coming fri night, good luck and may your padded up underware be adventagouse to you all xx

23/1/07 21:14  
Blogger someone said...

Of course I will be there! Can't wait! Luke will you do the couple skate with me....maybe this time you can go backwards?

I assume its open being Aus. Day?

Eug...this will bring back some fine memories!

24/1/07 08:03  

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