Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Moonlight Cinema on a Saturday night and Erica Ordinary on a Sunday afternoon

Hello all, two marvellous events are happening this weekend. They are:

Moonlight Cinema - Little Miss Sunshine
Saturday 6th January
Botanic Gardens
Starts at dusk, but meeting earlier - we'll work that out when I know who's coming.
Bring picnic blankets, wine, nibbles and your smiles!

Erica Ordinary
Sunday 7th January
Wesley Anne, 250 High Street, Northcote Hill
4.00pm start
Free entry
with Billy Joe Buffalo

Hope to see you at one, or even better, both!


Anonymous Hooch said...

I will be attending these most splendiferous events. I might ask my Indonesian friends to join us for the movie.

4/1/07 11:08  
Blogger someone said...

Hey Erica,

The plan was to go to a new club in the Docklands Saturday nite and 'rip it up on the dance floor' - think its still happening but if not movies in the park sounds like fun. I'll give you a call by Saturday if clubbing is out for Luke and I and movies are in.

Hope all is well and thats the Rock Fest was great fun!

Kel xxx

4/1/07 15:42  
Anonymous Hooch said...

CALLING ALL YOUSE GUYS GOING TO MOONLIGHT CINEMA SATURDAY: was just wondering if you'd be up for dreading my hair that night as well....? I've already got it started (thanks Pyramid Rock), but will need your help for a truly dreadful result.

4/1/07 16:11  
Blogger Will said...

Sorry Erica/Kel

Ive got gigs both Sat/Sun

good luck with that hair Eug!

4/1/07 16:15  
Blogger AJ said...

Hey guys
Would love to head into Erica's gig on Sunday. If anyone's driving in, could we please carpool?

See you on Sunday!

5/1/07 08:06  
Blogger Fanboy said...

Hey there. I will be looking forward to seeing you guys at Moonlight on Saturday. However I won't be able to go to Erica Ordinary on Sunday as I will be in Sydney getting ready for my call back. See you on Saturday.

5/1/07 16:47  
Blogger Hooch said...

Meeting at Heathmont Stn at 4.30pm. Anyone who wants to train in come alonig. sorry for the late organisation.

6/1/07 12:30  
Anonymous Hooch said...

meeting at gat D around 6pm.

6/1/07 12:34  
Anonymous Hooch said...

*gate (oops)

6/1/07 12:35  

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