Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Late Notice: Upcoming concert

Some of you may have already heard about my upcoming Xmas concert. Here are the details for those of you who may wish to come. Sorry about the late notice - I only got the image last night, and then the internet was down.

In other trivia, you may or may not be interested to learn that the Priest of the Sts Peter and Paul's Church (where the concert is) is Father Bob Maguire.

Hope to see you there, or if not, hope to see you soon (like, at Imo's for instance, nudge nudge!).


Blogger Dee said...

Hooch I'm pretty sure I'll be coming along... I'll be finishing work in Nth melbourne at 5.30, so if anyone is keen to grab a bite to eat before, that would be great and/or wants a pickup between there and Sth melbourne.. or indeed a lift home, consider my services available.


7/12/06 11:18  

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