Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rooftop Cinema!

Today I got sent an email from three thousand magazine (if you've never heard of it go now and subscribe, it's free, it's web based, and it's all about cool stuff going down in Melbourne!) about a new Rooftop Cinema that's opening. It looks like a really awesome summer concept, and I'd love to go along one (or more!) night(s) in December to see some of the cool films they're playing.

Visit rooftopcinema.com.au, have a look at the program and let me know if there's anything that particuarly sparks your interest. There's a Bill Murrathon which looks ultra cool, as well as a whole heap of awesome old movies I've yet to see. I'm not sure how fast tickets will sell out, but possibly quickly if the concept proves a popular one.

Away my culture lovers, away!


Blogger AJ said...

Hi Erica,

Greetings from Washington DC!! The magazine looks cool - I'm subscribing now. I'd love to go along to a Rooftop cinema event with you in December...

Yesterday Simon and I visited the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum - we saw Amelia Earhart's plane, the 1903 Wright Flyer (the first aeroplane!!), the actual command module from Apollo 11 that landed on the moon + a lot of other really cool stuff... There was also a cool exhibit from the National Museum of American History there where we saw Dorothy's ruby slippers (actually from the movie The Wizard of Oz), as well as the real Scarecrow costume, we also saw Seinfeld's Puffy shirt, Marilyn Monroe's gloves, Abe Lincoln's hat, Jackie Kennedy's inaugural gown, George Washington's military robes, Prince's guitar - the yellow cloud, and lots more. Was really cool....

Say g'day to everyone back home. Having a cool time. Enjoy the state election - we've both already voted in New York, was very exciting... :)
AJ and Sim

25/11/06 02:03  
Blogger Dee said...

enjoy.. voting.. exciting!! AJ are you ok?

-you're one crazy kid. NY must be a wonderful place.


25/11/06 11:19  
Anonymous Hooch said...

yeah I found it exciting. Not so much the voting part, but the waiting, and the marginalness of our electorate. still have to go and check the TV to see who's in.

Erica - sounds wonderful. look forward to it.

25/11/06 23:34  
Blogger Adam said...

Erica. You're being neglectful again. Tell people what's going on with rooftop.
:)X <-- This is the closest thing I could come up with to represent my mock-disapproval (The 'X' is crossed arms).


17/12/06 17:46  

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