Monday, November 20, 2006

New York City!

Hi everyone,

Sim and I have arrived in NYC. Yesterday (Saturday), we went on Kramer's Reality Tour. The 'real' Kramer (Kenny Kramer) has set up a tour bus where fans of Seinfeld are able to join him and tour NYC and see the sights that inspired stories from Seinfeld. Kenny Kramer was the inspiration for Kosmo Kramer on the show...

Check out the Nov 18 photo of Sim and I in front of Tom's Resturant, which is the inspiration for Monk's Restaurant, the main hang out of Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine on the show: - I'm standing right behind the real Kramer and Sim is kneeling just behind him - see if you can spot us - sorry for the small res picture. Hopefully you can save it and then zoom in to find us!

Last night we saw a Broadway show: The Color Purple. It was a very last minute thing to see it and we queued up for half price tickets before making a very quick dash down Broadway to see the show. It was really well done and a very powerful story, based on the novel of the same name.

Today (Sunday) we are planning to take a 3-hour cruise around Manhattan island, to get some good photos of the Statue of Liberty etc. Tomorrow, we may visit Ground Zero and look around south Manhattan.

We're having an awesome time.
Please comment and let us both know what you're all up to...

Giddy up!


Blogger Dee said...

Was wondering what you were up to... all the signfeld things sound right up your ally... and the 1/2 price tix, I think is something everyone needs to experience.. the unplanned adventures of Aj & Sim. hehe.

Our wk'end came and went fast. Friday night was jens work mates drinks (BARF) Hooch, Erica, and myself accompanied them- it was a fairly fun evening, although much later than any of us had wanted. Sunday night brought the 4 of us girls back together for tea and cake @ Hooch's. This week sees the start of my set being built at St Martins, yey.

WOW, still so excited for you both, b in touch, dee x

And the guggenheim??

btw. Whoever you sent e-mail to, to foward on, r so unreliable- 'Geeezzze' (said in a Nepolian Dynamite way) x

20/11/06 11:30  
Anonymous Hooch said...

*guilty look* sorry....forwarding it now...

Aj & Sim,

awesome to hear you're having such a wonderful time. I have to agree with Dee that that Seinfeld tour does sound right up your ally. Can't wait to see the happy snaps when you get back. (haven't looked at the online one yet).

Bumped into Mr. Frank today, he's really looking forward to the new job. looked very happy. hopes to have settled in by the time you're back in town.

Anyhoo, gotta skedaddle and forward this email on, amongst a host of other things.


20/11/06 17:39  
Blogger Erica said...

*mirroring hooch's guilty look*
I forgot to forward too...sorry!

Sounds like you're having so much fun! You and Sim look so chuffed in that photo. Keep us informed with what's going on!

Dee has let you know pretty much what's been going on down here, with the exception of me having a date this coming Friday, Eug and I going to choir camp where there was nudity and other shenanigans (although that was all in the other cabin), and me finally going in to Snuff Puppets tomorrow! Hooray! I'm so excited!

Keep letting us know your adventures and I can't wait till you get back.

xx Erica.

21/11/06 23:16  
Blogger AJ said...

Hi guys,

If you could please forward the email now anyway, that would be cool...

Your hijinx sound like a lot of fun. Yesterday Sim and I went on a guided tour of the UN Building, then visited the American Museum of Natural History. Today we're walking to Ground Zero, Wall St might catch the subway (in daylight!) and tonight on our last night in NYC, we've booked to see The Producers, a Broadway show.
Hope everyone is well.

Oh, Dee - I was marvelling at the sets of The Color Purple and was thinking of you!

...when you get caught between the moon and New York City...

22/11/06 00:53  
Blogger Dee said...

ooo AJ, it sounds so exciting. I'm glad you thought of me at the theatre, can't wait to hear all about it, I looked up The Colour Purple, v cool!

I wonder if i'm somewhere between the moon and NYC?? :) or atleast on my way...

btw, email was fwd promptly post my comment ;) i'm v cheeky

have fun xx

22/11/06 21:22  
Anonymous Hooch said...

ahem. Not ALL the shenanigans were in the other cabin Erica! :P

23/11/06 00:27  
Blogger AJ said...

Hi guys, flying to Washington DC today - boy will our arms be tired!
It's meant to be the busiest travelling day in the US today as it's the day b4 Thanksgiving.

See you later!

23/11/06 00:47  
Blogger someone said...

My gosh....i'm late!

Hi AJ and Sim (just don't check this site enough!).

Cant wait to see your pics....

All seems a little less exciting then what you are doing.

Went to Sydney for a work Xmas party - got up a 4am (yuck!) A massive awards/xmas party - totally can't wait til next years. Like always I was the first dancing on stage with the band much to the excitment of work buddies dancing below.

Funny - I've never been to a big work thing like that before (over 900 ppl) and all the business ways are completely forgotten. People flirting and much more, my managers asking young hot shots at least 15 years younger for drinks - I had one of the board members ask me to come back to their place. I think many young girls would think they'd go straight to the top if they did. Sorry to blabber but I just was amazed at the breakdown in behaviour!

But...fav night, fantastic!!!!! After party was at a nightclub which played mostly dance so once again I was happy. Arrived back at our 5 star hotel at 4.30am so I did pretty well consitsing I was up since 4am.

Anyway....enough about me just had a totally fab time getting all dressed up, meeting a greeting fellow staff members from other companies in the Photon Group!

A part from that nothing much else is happy. House is now on at 7.30pm Wednesday....thought I'd chuck in some needless words!

Can't wait to have you home in time for Xmas.

Take care, Kel xxxx

Hope your arms aren't tooo tired!

26/11/06 18:12  

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