Monday, November 27, 2006

Rally November 30th (this Thursday)

Much to the chagrin of our fair William, I am putting yet another political post on here. These issues are affecting all of us, and protest is one of the few avenues left open to us.

I'm having difficulty uploading the image, so here are the details:

The Rally is at the MCG
Gates open 7am - get there early if you want a seat.

Carpooling/catching the train together would be great. Comment below to organise.

See you all there! (yes Willum, that includes you!) :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its on a Thursday...I gota work...I will be sacked if I leave the office...:)

Prepare to be overcome with ACTU bullshit, using every piece of propaganda and misinformation, under the banner of ‘workplace rights’, and ‘helping the fellow man’ to win votes.

I am all for change, and I think that the law needs to be amended...not scraped, to avoid creating an unstable economy the is reliant on a unstable and casual workforce.

But! I am sick of Shorten, and Beazley’s crap, and power-mongering.

Saying that, if anybody wants to meet up for lunch, I would love to see you!

Luke (conformist corporate scum)

27/11/06 13:19  
Anonymous Hooch said...

The dominant line in the rights at work campaign is to do with creating IR laws that don't shit all over worker's rights. They're not just about abolishing the current ones. No one wants the economy to fall in a heap. That's just scaremongering on the part of the government in an attempt to justify harshness and unjustness of the laws in their current form.

27/11/06 21:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Hooch,

I agree, but am just a little jaded and tired of hearing the same tripe that the Unions come up with in the name of a cause. Unfortunately all too often the idea is right but it gets lost in the application.

You should have popped out the back last night, and saved me from study!


28/11/06 10:24  
Anonymous Hooch said...

Smiddy totally didn't even tell me you were home. I just assumed you were out. Would have loved to save you from study. Next time I'll be more explicit in my enquiries....

study? Aren't you finished yet? Hope all is well/prudictive/stress-free/etc.


28/11/06 14:50  
Anonymous Hooch said...

*productive (unlike my spelling!)

28/11/06 14:51  
Blogger Will said...

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28/11/06 21:36  
Blogger Will said...

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29/11/06 14:03  

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