Saturday, December 16, 2006

Blog for Imo


I've written a blog over at HEREIN (my blog site) about Imo's 21st party last night. Please head there to download some photos I took from the evening.

I had a great night. Thanks, everyone


Blogger Dee said...

Brilliant, just brilliant! How incredably cool was the par-tay :)

soooo much fun was had by all. Imo, when are you turning 21 again? Cause pencil me in, I'll be there!

(Unless there are any witnesses to the conversation of which AJ speak of, its his word against mine. I stand by my hearing that Luke asked 'Do you think I look Sweedish?')

17/12/06 12:40  
Blogger someone said...

AJ - Thats fantastic to see.

Really disappointed I didn't make it. Had my costume packed in my bag all ready to go. We are going to have to have another dress up cause I only bought the costume o Thursday - the nite before! Sounds like you all had a blast - grear I've seen other photos now besides Luke wearing my dress!

Lov Kel xxx

17/12/06 18:01  

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