Tuesday, January 16, 2007

St Kilda Festival Returns

An orange poster caught her eye: 'Bringing the festival back!' it proclaimed, but as to the line-up, the poster had naught to tell about it.

...So she scoured the shops of Ackland St* for a brochure with the line-up. Then, finding naught, she delved into Inpress thinking, 'surely there'll be at least a page add with the line-up in here...'. but after perusing every page, again she found naught.

After such a naughty experience, she had almost lost hope. However, she realised there was one avenue left open to her which she had not yet explored: The Internet. And to her delight, found the gold she had been panning for:

St Kilda Festival 2007

So who's in? It's running from 3rd-11th Feb, I'll be endeavouring to attend several days (my priorities being the first and the last).

The line-up includes the Spiegel-experienced Martin Martini and the bone palace ochestra, deadly award nominee Dan Sultan, oldtimers Four Play, and that's just the World Music Stage! There's also: Custom Kings, The Audreys, The Gurge and Dallas Crane on the Max stage; And jjj-airplayed SSPecker on the New Music stage. That's just a taste of what's in store!

There's heaps of other cool stuff, and it's much more community base this year: with lots of vouchers and discounts that can be used in the local shops, pubs and food outlets. Let's round off our summer with a bang ppl, this is where it's at!

Yours in enthusiam,

*I can't believe Wiki has an Ackland St entry! - thanks Crazy Carl! :P


Blogger someone said...

All I can say is the following...

1. I finsh exams on the Friday

2. It is going to be a MASSIVE Sunday the 11th of FEB!!!!


16/1/07 15:50  
Anonymous Hooch said...


16/1/07 18:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent - I would love to see Four Play live - would be great to meet up.

21/1/07 01:01  

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