Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hi guys. and more imortantly Hooch. I think in my quest to become my own person in this complex world of blogging I've managed to change shit. just found out that the original login didn't work since I'd managed to change it. I've changed it back again though.
hope all is well
explain to me further ho to manage this confusing thing!



Blogger Hooch said...

hey guys,
click on 'Daveuk' in the contributors section......i'm a little confused...

1/12/05 15:10  
Blogger Hooch said...

ok, double weird. that first comment was made because when i clicked on 'daveuk' i got Robert Edwards' details.

now Dave's posts are coming up as 'posted by robbie', and 'robbie' is appearing in the comtributors section, but 'daveuk' is not......

is anyone else experiencing this confusion or is it just me?

1/12/05 16:28  

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