Friday, March 30, 2007

I have joined the masses

I have a blog. I hope that once we leave this town exciting things will happen.

We're planning to go...


Blogger Dee said...

yeye, beck, the new blog is great to read, I for one am very pleased to now have a go to place to read your adventures, pleased to see things are on the move for you both, talk soon xx

3/4/07 22:51  
Blogger Dee said...

wooohooo, The bane of my blogging existane is bedining to clear up, there is now NO word verification, YEY I hear many of you say- thanks. And althought I can't post my own comment, unless I give in and subscribe to Google, atleast I appear as a contributor again, im here in spirit onlycoolppl.

3/4/07 22:54  

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