Friday, March 02, 2007

so who's this Katherine, anyway?

Visit Katherine's Diary and find out...


Blogger Dee said...

Hey hooch, I've jumped online with the intention of reving up onlycoolppl, and reminde it of what a new post feels like... alas, I think that the new blogger has made it more difficult for a few of us (me) that like to be able to just jump on and post away. The 'NEW'/'brilliant and better' blogger now requires me to sign on and then change over by creating a google account... ect, etc, etc before it will allow me to post. I don't particularly want to or understand what this mean!!

For now a comment will have to do. applogoies for not being so pumped about chang over... what was wrong with the old one??

Talk soon xx.

ps LOVE your new online katherine

3/3/07 21:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I can't post...and have so much to tell!!

Hope your having fun Eug!

6/3/07 14:24  
Anonymous Hooch said...

yeah. I'm not a fan of New blogger either. the format for making posts is all different, too. including having to do hyperlinks with html-code manually.

Perhaps we can carry on the onlycoolppl flag in protest by continuing this blog entirely in this comment section!

(or, you could just make a gmail account - a drag to be forced to do it, but perhaps making it more funcitonal in the long run?)

Catchya later.

12/3/07 18:59  

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