Sunday, April 29, 2007

Birthday in Absentia

Calling all coolppl:

This is an invitation to anyone and everyone. If you are reading this, then you're invited!

Come and celebrate my birthday without me.

If I was in Melb for my birthday, I'd be funking it out to the souliscious Kforcool on:

Friday 4th May from 10pm,
AT Night Cat
141 Johnston St,

Dress code: If you want to spot each other in the crowd, wear something sparkly :P (this means you can go up to random sparlky ppl and ask if they're there for Hooch's party)

Come and have a boogie on my behalf. I know it's not early, but everyone knows the Night Cat doesn't kick off till late. Have a sleep in the evening, then put on your dancing shoes & boogie till the wee hours of the morn. A guarranteed GNO - Great Night Out.

Please RSVP in the comments, and tell everyone you(/I) know. Also, I'd love to live vicariously through all your tales after the event.

P.S. Just found out Martin Martini are playing at Ruby's on 12th May, only $10! Bargain!

Kool for K


Anonymous Hooch said...

If you're having trouble commenting, click the dot onto 'other' and just put your name. You don't need a webpage to use this option.

1/5/07 16:34  
Anonymous dayna said...

hooch I won't be able to party on down tonight.. end of production wk, and i've decided im going to sleep instead! I'll be at Night catin spirit, and dream of boogie-ing down with you xx

5/5/07 11:37  
Anonymous Hooch said...

well thanx anyway Dee. Looks like it was a bit of a flop anyway... seeing as no one else commented! Will said he might have gone after the movies; I'll have to catch up with him to see if he made it.

If anyone else made it out to the Night Cat, comment here and let me know.

PS. Hey Dee, you posted a comment on here!?!

6/5/07 12:43  
Anonymous dayna said...

I'm sorry your night did not play out as we had all hoped.. that is if 'they' even look here anymore?!

ps. I know how bloody brilliant is it! The secret lay within the 'other' option, yey x

6/5/07 20:19  

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