Saturday, December 03, 2005

Team Blogging 101

It seems that a few people are slightly confused about the big bad world of Blogging. I shall attempt to lend my very limited wisdom, in the hopes that all the shennanigans of late can be rectfied, and everyone can have their own personal blogging accounts. Here is a link to an article about how to add a new member to a team blog.

In synopsised, Erica terms, here is what you must do:
  • You need to log into the onlycoolppl account and go to Settings > Members.
  • Next you will click the "Add Team Member" button, and invite yourself to join the blog.
  • The following step is important - you need to sign out of the onlycoolppl account before proceeding further.
  • Now the time has come to go to your email, click the link there, and follow the prompts to create your own Blogger account and become a team member of onlycoolppl.
  • And once all that is done, everything should be in order, and the world will be able to start once again spinning on its normal axis, the planets realigning themselves with the sun.


Blogger Hooch said...

thankyou oh internet guru dudette. hopefully now we can all rest easily without our blog identities being stolen in our sleep

3/12/05 23:38  

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