Thursday, December 01, 2005


Hi Hooch and All,
Sorry, I can't make it tonight- am tired from a day of trying to master the complexities of Optus. Who I now work for. And I try not to think too much of the people in a call centre in India getting paid one third of my wage. Still, I won't be there forever. But I will be at your place next thursday! And come bearing gifts - well, food atleast :) So it had better be on, Eug, or I'm turning up regardless...*grin*
PS - would your mum min dlooking at a pair of earrings of mine and maybe repairing them for a fee?


Blogger Erica said...

Oh dear, it seems the uneducated have been running amok (or is that amuck?) on this blog. To add yourself as a "poster" you must first create a new Blogger account for yourself, and then go to the onlycoolppl site and "add" yourself. It will send you an email, which you open, click the link, and activate everything.

Hopefully that is helpful...but more than likely not, as I'm not very good at explaining. Good luck new to blogger-ees!

2/12/05 01:26  

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