Monday, June 25, 2007

Vulpine Rockness

Massive News.

Other than transformers coming out this week...


....I am going to give you a Sneak peak out our NEW EP!

The tracks are yet to be mastered, so when listing to them do so through head phones or adjust the bass accordingly.

To view these go to the supper top secret site...

Further to this we are playing this Thursday at the Elwood Lounge from 8!

Hope all is well and will see you all soon!


Monday, June 04, 2007

On my way home!!

Hey there all you wonderful people out there in BloggerLand! Rob here, that's right ol FanBoy is back. I've been having such an amazing, challenging and inspiring time studying at the Actors Centre up here in Sydney, I've got so much stuff to tell you all about. So much so that I couldn't possibly fit it all on this post. So, I'm going to be coming home to Heathmont to tell you all about it face to face!! I've been missing Melbourne and missing all of you guys. I'm so very sorry I haven't been in touch much at all, but don't forget you guys are constantly on my mind.

Hooch came to visit a little while ago when she came over for her conference in Parramatta and it was great to have her around. (Interestingly; my house mate, Stephen, will be heading to Darwin very soon for a wedding, and he tells me that he'll be catching up with Euge then) Plus I hope to see AJ and Simon when they come up soon.

I'll be touching down in Tullermarine on Saturday the 23rd (That's just under three weeks away!!), at about 8:45pm. Just in time for a night out on the town me thinks...
...Night Cat anybody?

I'll be staying in town for a week, so I hope to be doing plenty of catching up in that time.

I hope you're all keeping weel and are having a good time in whatever adventure you're in.

You'll be hearing from me again very soon guys! Hugs to all!