Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I'm going to the Charlie Chaplin Double feature at the Astor. please come, it would be hella cool to make a night of it.

  • Astor Theatre (corner of Princes Hwy and Chaple St)
  • Starts 7.30pm (but I'm getting there between 6/6.30 - tix will sell out fast)
  • Friday 2nd Sept.

give me a call if you're coming. so far it's Dee and me and a couple of my uni friends.

hope you can come.

Thurs 1st Sept

yup. it's on again...

my place
let me know if you're coming.

Friday, August 26, 2005


To my dear cool ppl,

If you truely are cool, as you so claim to be, then I urge you to prove it by signing this petition. We may still prevail, or at least make an impact. c'mon ppl, this is a democracy goddamnit!

In the next two weeks the Howard Government wants to pass a law that will drastically cut services and representation on our campuses. We need to act now to defend these services: has launched a campaign asking Government Members to block the Voluntary Student Unionism Bill before it becomes a law.

The campaign is based around a national letter of support to the Howard Government MPs and Senators who have expressed concern about the impact of VSU.

This letter is backed up by a TV ad asking Federal MPs to vote against the VSU Bill. The ad is already on the air in Townsville and Lismore.

You can get this ad on air in your local community by signing the letter of support on our website:

When you sign the letter of support you will be asked to nominate your university. GetUp will broadcast our ad on TV in the communities of the metropolitan and regional universities that receive the most nominations.


The GetUp Team

PS. besides, we may get a cool ad that makes the libs look silly
(or...should that be sillier)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Why didnt my pic load..try again

Why Dogs Kill Their Owners

Hi all,
Sorry Hooch, I can't make it to this one..but if I don't make it to the next one, you can dres me up like a hot dog too :)
Have fun - wish I was there!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Return of the DVD night!!!! - Thurs 25th

Hi guys,

This thursday - the return of the DVD night. My apologies to all of you who've been hanging out... wondering what's going on.

For the past two weeks I've double booked myself and have had to cancel at the last minute (luckily i have most people's phone numbers so we haven't yet had anyone rocking up to the door when no one's home).

so........back to the good stuff:

Thursday 25th Aug
My house

feel free to bring along anything you might find interesting, and don't worry it doesn't even have to be slightly DVD related. Anything and everything

_Past Thursdays_
In the past we've had: home made goodies such as cake, pudding (thanx Erica), brownies, honey joys (thanx Dee); bought goodies (thanx all); Yoda origami (thanx Erica); as well as DVDs from people's treasured collections (thanx Gnome and Dean). And we've watched such gold as: Orgazmo, Fat Pizza (the movie), John Safran vs God, Kath and Kim, and i'mve sure many more which i've forgotten to name. Oh yeah, and we've had numerous "alarming (literally)" experiences which have involved me setting off the smoke alarm in an attempt to create a little warmth and atmosphere (or should that be ashmosphere!).

So come one come all, and we'll have a night of merriment, entertainment, and we'll possibly even watch a DVD.

Till then, stay safe and happy :)

Friday, August 19, 2005

Bored this Friday? (19th)

Hi to whoever reads this, just a quick one to let you know that if your bored 2night and wanna do something, why not check out some music?

Im playing at the Grand Hyett (Russel street) Deco bar (upstairs, 1st floor) with an awesome jazz combo featuring one of melbs best piano players, Carlo Mosca.

so if you wanna see a great piano player and a stressed out me trying to keep up!, head on down.
set starts at about 9.30 until late.

Cheers, Will

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Not Coming Home!

Hey guys,
Firstly, Will you kick butt– Mancester Lane!!! I so wish I could come, dance, nibble on their yummy dips and turkish bread and have a few glasses of wine while cheering you on (silently - dont worry).

Luke read my blog (the first one he he) and said it sounded like we were coming home early! NOOOO WWAAYY we aren’t, I am sorry if I made it sound like we were cause I know you guys are missing us like crazy and kissing photos of us before you go to sleep at night.

Take care in the cold Land Down Under!

And I promise Eug I wont take up too much more of this space!

Love ya all! Kel xxx

Tuesday 23rd

Hi guys,
I'll head along on tuesday to Manchester lane - anyone else want to join me for a group outing, or just meet up outside? My ulterior motive is my hope that someone else will also guide me to the right place ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

sorry Eug

oh my god...i dont know how to use this blog thing and I have now ruined the beautifully set out blogs - now all you see are stupid ones from me! Dont you just love me :-I


oh it did :-) he he

Wed 17th

why didn't my blogg work?

Kel in London

I am currently in a slightly off mood and its all because of a tin of tuna! I brought a plain roll and tin of tuna for lunch (one that has a pull ring)...well that pull ring fell off and because I work for a tight arse London Council their can openers are all rusted and wouldn't open the tin. I had a plain roll for lunch - yummy! While it annoyed me I can very much see the funny side of this!

Having the time of my life - never want this feeling to end. We will be back home sooner than you and I know it but Luke and I both know this will not be our final trip overseas - the bug is very contagious! Going to Dave's this weekend - Im hanging to get out of the city. I have had "dry eyes" and they say it will be because of the polution! YUCK!!!

Keep writing, love all your emails!!!!

Anyone for... Viagra?

Did you guys read/hear about the criminals who are now on the run after stealing $36,000 worth of Viagra?? I read about it in the paper today.

Have a guess how the journalist described those that committed the crime?
Wait for it...

"HARDENED criminals".

This is not a joke.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tuesday the 23rd of August

Hello All
If anyone is keen the Ruth Barrie quartet is playing next Tuesday at Manchester lane. Should be a relaxed gig, a few quiet drinks and some good music, featuring yours truly on bass it would be great to see a few familiar faces.

Starting around 8.30 for a couple of sets.
Manchester Lane
just off ‘Manchester lane’ which is off ‘flinders lane’ between Swanston and Elizabeth St
Melways 1F-k11

heres the bio
"A smooth blend of jazz and chilled out funk, The Ruth Barrie Quartet offers music to stimulate the mind as well as the body. Based in Melbourne, the band comprises of vocalist & songwriter - Ruth Barrie, keys - Dan Molloy, double bass - Will Meeve and drums - Kyle Goldsworthy. Ruth Barrie has already enjoyed success with the song ‘Hold On’, gaining a finalist position in the 2004 UK Songwriting Contest - Jazz & Blues category (In association with 'The UK BRIT' Awards). "

and the link

hope to see you there


Monday, August 08, 2005

Monash Philosophy Video Night (no DVD night)

Hey guys,

Just letting you know that the DVD night is not on this thurs, so why don't you come on down to Monash University instead and watch "I Heart Huckabees". Monash Philosophy society is hosting a video night (see details below). I will be there, as will Dean, probably Carl, maybe Erica, and hopefully some more of the DVD-night gang. (yes gnome, this includes you :) ).

'I Heart Huckabees'

Venue: Wholefoods (upstairs Campus Centre)

When: Thursday 11th August, 6pm (for pizza) 7pm (movie)

Ticket Price: $4 members, $5 non-members

Pizza: Gold Coin Donation

Would be cool to see you there. Please con't rock up at my house, as I will not be there....


Sunday, August 07, 2005

I'll be there

Hi Eug,

I'll make it this time :)


Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Yes it's on. Please ring me to let me know if you're coming.

See you there...

my house