Friday, September 29, 2006


'hold festivities to mark a happy event' -This saturday night, 30th of sept, I reckon its time.

As many of you would know by now, I recieved news of my successful application into VCA this week, yey!

Any suggestions are welcome, I was thinking about dinner on Brunswick st, then maybe The Night Cat/bar open? It would be a guaranteed good evening, of nice food and good tunes...

I am unsure how many football fans there r amongst us... Unfortunately there will be many on the streets of Melbourne. Something to bare in mind for parking and bogan quantaties. Could any drivers pleaase express intrest..

What do you say, Pease comment- and talk soon x

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The 'GIVE A CAN A LIFE' campaign

Call out to all who use tinned food from time to time... this is the week for you! I'm trying to locate as many empty tin cans as I can.

To fill you in I'm doing props for another VCA film, this one is based in WW2, and has a shot of soldiers making jam tin can bombs... this is where im calling on the help of all you lovely folk.. If you can save any empty cans, all sizes welcome, some maybe with lids still attatched- I will be forever greatful.

If you have any luck I was hoping that i could do a drive by on Tuesday night to give the ol' can a second chance, before it hits the recycling wheely bin of doom.

Be in touch and talk 2nite at AJ's

Love to you all x

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Eon Automatic @ The Dan O'Connell

Hi all!

A very long time and no see. What a cliche that is.

If you're not doing anything tomorrow night and feel up for a boogie then come along to the Dan O'Connell front bar, where my band will be playing up a storm. It's free entry, so that rules IN all you poor students. It would be great to see anyone and everyone who has a night free and would like to come.

Friday 22nd September
Dan O'Connell front bar
225 Canning Street, Carlton
9pm start
Free entry!