Thursday, May 25, 2006

Coffee on Sunday night?

Hi everyone,

A quick question to see whether anyone is interested in catching up for coffee and cake - there's always room for cake - at the Coffee Club at Knox, 8pm Sunday 28 May?

Please comment if you're keen. It will be great to see all those that can make it!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Night at the Thee-a-ta Pt. 2

Well you've been hearing about it for a while now, and now you'll finally be able to see it.

'The Woman in Black' is opening at the Strathmore Theatre Arts Group (STAG) on the 1st of June and runs for two weeks. The booking lines are now open so get calling and come hear a tale of haunting and evil, fear and confusion, horror and tragedy!

And there'll be some laughs as well. All the info is below. Hope to see/hear you there.

P.S. This is the play that I'm in... Duh.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

That time of the Month Again!

ok ok ok.

I know I've been kinda doing it more 5-weekly than 4-weekly - but hey, you'll just have to deal!


My place
Thursday, 18th May
We're gonna watch 2001: A Space Odyssey

Do you think the guy in the bubble on the website looks like Michael J Fox?
Cast your vote now in the comments section.

Let me know if you're coming.

Niblature much appreciated.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

coffee and cake?

Hi Only Cool People!

Its Someone here (Kellie)

Would love to meet up with all my fellow friends on Tuesday night (mainly cause Erica is yet to receive her fantastic pressie off Luke and I). But…hey why don’t make it a catch up with everyone!!

As my house is about to go under the hand of our trusty builder Wes, my house is in no state to hold a coffee and cake night…so….as much as I am embarrassed to say it…can we embark on a journey to the Knox Ozone Coffee Club?

Yes! Can I say 7.30ish?

I really love when we get together and just simply chat. No makeup, no high heels, no loud music - just the bogans of Knox – simply perfect!

I have five seats in my car, take away me – that leaves four! Blog it if you would like a lift!

Really, truly, fingers crossed, hope to god, wish on the night’s first star you can all make it! (went a little overboard just then didn’t I!)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Eugenie and Erica's Birthday Bonanza

One startling May in '82
A babe was born with eyes of blue,
It happened again in '84
When a green eyed one popped out around four

Such a peculiar phenomena, all these baby appearances
With the screaming and the crying and the vomiting gross substances
The parents were bewildered, bewitched and be-bothered
And those endless nappies left them harrassed and ha-haggard

But those babies were only babies for a baby amount of time
Very soon they were walking and talking of crime
(The good kind of crime like scheming for boys -
like drinking and dancing and making too much noise)

So what better way to commemorate all this birth
Than a night filled with merriment, mayhem and mirth?
There'll be screaming with laughter and crying for more
(But hopefully no vomiting all over the floor)

We invite you this Friday, that's the night of the 5th
To Brunswick Street Fitzroy, we hope you'll come with
We'll meet at Bar Open at 9pm sharp
Where we'll stay for a while and from then embark
On a journey of fun filled celebratory drinks
Of dancing or whatever else gives you your kicks
Of course Eug and Erica don't want to drive
So if anyone out there could give them a ride
They'd be grateful and gratuitous and other words with G
(But not G-string or G-banger, stop thinking dirty!)
If you want to know more, or if the poem was too long
Or even to inquire about what is a dipthong
Just send us an email, be it long or it short
And we'll reply with ever a snappy retort
But enough of this rambling, it's taking up time
And to tell you the truth I'm rather out-rhymed
We'll see you all Friday by hook or by crook
Ah crap, I'll just end this last line with schnook.