Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Melbourne 2006, Federation Square till 2nd july.

Does this tickle anybody's fancy? ... Hope so, cause i want you to come and check it out with me.

''Be prepared to be amazed, delighted, tickled, even shocked, possibly offended and definitely surprised by puppets.''

To check out the specks go to www.internationalpuppetcarnival.com.au

Please let me know your availability and/or interest. I'm available and happy to drive in Thur/Fri/Sat or Sun. There are entrance fees to all shows, some are only short, and therefore a bit cheeper! Although I think it will be good fun to see, and we can support this fesival in its 1st year.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Blowing my own trumpet

Hi all,

Just wanted to draw your attention to the newest addition in the 'othercoolppl' section (see sidedar).

I have recently started a 'Humour Archive' in the vague hope that it will help me get into, and start writing, my thesis (which, for all of you who don't already know, is on 'Indonesian Religious Humour' - random? yeah, I know!).

Would love your feed back/comments. Including if there are any typos/grammatical errors.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Jen in Germany!

hey all!
im off to heidelberg tomorrow to see Diana (Eug u will remember her from uni) Should be good. i havent caught up with James yet.
have climbed a few Mts..well sort of! weather is really nice and warm, bros friends are pretty cool. having fun.
not sure of where im going tho. i really made little to no plans really! just cruising. Tho i will go to Berlin at some point. hard to get accomodation tho. hope u guys are well.
PS. germany are in the next round! soooo happy!!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Luke's band has a gig. And I can now edit posts!

From the last post you might have guessed that my band, which is currently nameless has gig on Thursday at Q club(or Bar) on Brunswick Street. If you would like to come I would like to see you. It starts at 8 with a support act and we go on at about 9:30, 10 ish I would imagine.

Hope to see you there.


Undecane's next gig.

Yes we bitch an moan about them (you're up with the best of them Willum). But I seem to have a penchant for pimping my friends' bands (just ask Erica).

So here it is - the next undecane giggeroonie:


Friday 23rd June 2006
Ruby's nightclub, Belgrave
1648 Burwood Hway, Belgrave, Melbourne Vic
18+, on stage 12:00am
with. Dr. Rocket, Fawkes & The Fakes

Not sure if I'll be able to make it myself yet - but I'll make every attempt.

ps. Will, I forbid you from killing me for putting this post up without asking (you can always take it down if you really have a problem).

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

For anyone who can commit this to memory...

This one's mainly for Fanboy, but I hope you all enjoy....

Ballade of Soporific Absorption

Ho! Ho! Yes! Yes! It's very all well,
You may drunk I am think, but I tell you I'm not,
I'm as sound as a fiddle and fit as a bell,
And stable quite ill to see what's what.
I under do stand you surprise a got
When I headed my smear with gooseberry jam;
And I've swallowed, I grant, a beer of lot -
But I'm not so think as you drunk I am.

Can I liquor my stand? Why, yes, like hell!
I care not how many a tossed I've pot,
I shall stralk quite weight and not yutter an ell,
My feech will not spalter the least little jot:
If you knownly had own! - well, I gave him a dot,
And I said to him, 'Sergeant, I'll come like a lamb -
The floor it seems like a storm in a yacht,
But I'm not so think as you drunk I am.

For example, to prove it I'll tale you a tell -
I once knew a fellow named Apricot -
I'm sorry, I just chair over a fell -
A trifle - this chap, on a very day hot -
If I hadn't consumed that last whisky of tot! -
As I said now, this fellow, called Abraham -
Ah? One more? Since it's you! Just a do me will spot -
But I'm not so think as you drunk I am.


So, Prince, you suggest I've bolted my shot?
Well, like what you say, and soul your damn!
I'm an upple litset by the talk you rot -
But I'm not so think as you drunk I am.

Sir. J.C. Squire (1884-1958)