Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Birthday drinks!

Thanks Eug, for that lovley birthday post!!

Hello all
As you all now know Luke and myself turned the ripe old age of 23 today (31/05/82) as a result of this we have decided to engage in many drinks to commiserate the loss of our youthful, boyish good looks.

Join us, and buy us beer (as we have to start saving for retirement) this Friday the 3rd of June at 'Public house' a bar in Richmond. For a few drinks and good times starting at around 8pm and see what happens from there. Come one, come all, It would be great to see you there!

Will and Luke

Will: 0402-535-543
Luke: 0414-653-196

Public house bar.
433-435 Church St. Richmond 3121
:+613 9421 0187

P.S i have sent out a mass e-mail but havent been able to get everyone and i think some hs gone to ppls junk mail, so please come if you havent got an e-mail, or know of somone who dost know whats going on.

Happy Birthday Lukie and Willie!!!!!

yep, the time has come for the twins among us to turn 23. Happy birthday boys, i hope life's rolling along as planned....

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear luke and will
Happy birthday to you

hip hip! horray!!!
hip hip! horray!!!
hip hip! horray!!!

have a great day.


Yes thursday!!!

hey all,

just a quickie to remind you that thursday (2nd June) is still on. i would be really cool to see a couple of you. no idea what we're gonna whatch. it could be anything from Pride and Prejudice, or Kath and Kim, to the Young Ones or Black Adder (or even the Family Guy - hint hint, dean if you're reading this :P ).

even if you're not up for a video....it would still be really cool to see you if you wanted to pop in quickly.

8:30pm, my house.....2nd June. be there or be a a polygon with four equal sides and equal angles!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My Jedi Name

My Jedi Name is awful! Its bad enough that my first name backwards is "I Moan". OK, here it is - Gra Na Ho Mi - is it just me, or does it sound like Granny Homie?
No, I prefer my porn star name - take your first pets name and the street name you first lived on - Sheba Donvale. Or get your prison bitch name here -
Mines Beecher.


just a quick note to say that thursday isn't happening. - this first one since we've started.

i'm going to be in the city at an indonesian dinner. sorry to all those who were planning on coming.

i'll make it up to you in the holidays.

please pass this msg on if you read this to anyone who you think might be coming.

i'll do a quick ring around as well, just incase ppl don't get on the web.


Thursday, May 19, 2005


thanks for that jedi name post will. i think that makes mine: Col Eu Or Vi (prety crap really, but what can i say, maybe i'm just not Jedi material).

yes, thurs is still on, not sure what we're watching, but i may have to limit it to one episode of whatever it is, as i've got assignments and stuff,.....we'll see how we go.

my house.
PS. my phone no. has changed. email me if you want the new one.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Jedi Business

Hi guys, with the impending release of star wars episode 3 I thought ide throw on a star wars Jedi name generator. Ill use my name as an example.
1- take the first 3 letters of your surname, Meeve = Mee

2- take the first 2 letters of your first name, William = Wi

3- take the first 2 letters of your mothers maiden name, Sanderson =Sa

4- take the first 2 letters of the hospital you were born, Sandringham = Sa

My Jedi name “Mee We Sa Sa”
give it a crack, Ben has the particularly cool name of “Lin Be Ke Bo”

cheers, Will.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

These Are a Few of my Favourite Things

Here is my speech to Erica, to celebrate her 21st birthday. Enjoy!

We both met in Germany, home of the Berlin Wall
Watching and laughing at students with volleyballs
One day in Deutschland, this tale does begin,
called "These Are a Few of my Favourite Things"
In Deutschland we studied, spoke German, ate Bratwurst
Erica, my best friend, well-read and so well-versed
Who knew the meaning of words like "chagrin"
These Are a Few of my Favourite Things This
Fraulein called Erica, mild mannered and meek
engaged in a love triangle to shame "Dawson's Creek"!
Touring round Germany did we laugh, did we sing
that “These Are a Few of my Favourite Things”
Claiming to be German and posing for tourists
Blonde haired, blue eyed, the intentions were as pure as
Snow falling slowly, seeing sleigh bells and rings
These Are a Few of my Favourite Things
Harry Potter books, and fantasy novels
Driving inadvertently to suburban brothels
Trying to chart all our friends and their flings
These Are a Few of my Favourite Things

Subtitled movies from far-away countries
Watching these with friends and eating some munchies
Except when there's huntsmen lurking in the wings
These Are a Few of my Favourite Things
Late night infomercials and gardening with headlights
So as not to wake her family with a fright
The night-time is Erica's to be creating
These Are a Few of my Favourite Things
Alpaca and mohair and cotton and spinning
Knitting and weaving, bidding on eBay and winning
Being so clever with buttons and string
These Are a Few of my Favourite Things

Both Erica and I write Internet web logs
Writing diaries, which read like personal prologues
These Are a Few of my Favourite Things
Balderdash, Quickdraw, playing games with the fellas
Black ties and cocktails with little umbrellas
DVD evenings with "Lord of the Rings"
These Are a Few of my Favourite Things

And now the time has come for me to take my leave
Happy 21st Erica and I have something up my sleeve...
"Brown paper packages tied up with string
These A Few of my Favourite Things"

Saturday, May 07, 2005


As you may or may not know, Dave, our little hairy friend from the UK, is leaving the country in a week or so, and will be making his way back to Engaland [sic].

I'd just like to take this opporunity to say farewell and safe trip: all the best, cheery-o (or should that be: see you later aligator). we've all enjoyed making a new friend... you're alright vegemite. feel free to make a post on here at any time, keep us updated.

No worries, mate, see you next time,

xxoo the gang in Melbourne, Oz.

PS. to any of Dave's English friends who are reading this: don't believe any of his Aussi-accent impressions - they're terrible.


thanx one and all for a most excellent adventure on friday night. i had a ball, though there were a few ppl who i didn't get to catch up with as much as i would have liked. - oh well, i'll just have to do it all again some time!!!

i hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

this is also just an update on the whole DVD night thing:
last thurs (5th May), it was a cozy night with Beck, Dan and myself. we didn't end up watching Kath and Kim, we watched John Safran VS the Exorcist instead, because they were unable to attend the showing at my house a few weeks before. we enjoyed the evening, and consumed the greater part of a very delicious Cadbury milktray (*how's that for (not so) subliminal advertising!*).

so this thursday we will resume Kath and Kim - i think we're up to episode 4.

see you there...

Friday, May 06, 2005


Hello all.
for those of you not aware the Umbria jazz festival has started. The UFJ has been running for around 30 years as a massive celebration of jazz in Italy and for the first time has come to Melbourne to form part of the Melbourne international jazz festival. The festival presents the absolute cream of the crop in terms of jazz music in the world. Ill be seeing as many show as i can from John Scofield, Wayne Shorter, John Pattiaucci. to the best the Melbourne jazz scene has to offer. the UJF runs fro yesterday (the 5th) until the 15th of may.
if you wanna see world class jazz musos doing there thing, the next two weeks are the best time for a long time to do it. tix range from $100 for premo shows, however most shows are between $10-$30. and there are heaps of free shows. if anyone is interested on checking out some shows let me know.
Ill most likely be checking out Giovani Tommaso (masterful Italian Double bass player/composer) this coming Tuesday at midnight in the city (tix are free but I think you have to book because it’s a small venue). There are heaps of free and cheap shows on everywhere at all times of the day www.ujm05.org I know this post is reading like a marketing campaign but seriously something like this, with this many international acts in one place wont happen again for a while…….in the words of the great Molly, do yourself a favour!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

THURSDAY - still on

yes, Kath and Kim is still on, though turnout may be poor, as i know you are all just hanging out for friday!!! yay!!!.

so if no one shows, that's cool, i have plenty to occupy myself with. also if ppl do show, that is also cool, you are most welcome and i'd love to see you. if you can't make it fri, then why not make it thurs, just so we can catch up?!

ps. so excited about friday!!!! see you there!!! :)

pps. really sorry about the late postage - what can i say, i'm a slacker!