Tuesday, January 31, 2006


hey guys,

sorry to disappoint, but due to a Host Scheme Camp from Wed to Fri there will be no DVD night this thurs.

Please don't rock up as i will not be there.

hope you all find something equally exciting to do with your pre weekend evening, but not so cool as to stop you coming to the next DVD night on Thurs 9th Feb.

See you in a week-n-a-bit


Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hello from the snow

So I know I owe all of you antipidians an apollogy for not writing to you sooner. However skiing most days and working in the evening has it's rewards.
I was just thinking about all the things you guys would be up to now,
Luke will deffinatly be in the cricket pitch sniffering and stroking his new gear.
Dayna will be no doubt feeling very arty indeed playing with props and other very theatreish stuff.
Kelly will be probabbly be being very clever and organised doing kelly stuff. (note I can't remember what kelly actually does)
umm well Will will be strumming harder than ever,
and Hooch will be smiling away sharing little bits of joyness and dvds with her merry bunch. AJ and the rest of the gang will be giving moral support to the Aussie Ringward cause.

As you can tell My general abillity to bull shit hasn't changed and nor has my excentricity. I wiped out on the slopes yesturday hard and as smashed my gogles in. As luck would have it I bought a helmet the day before and that took most of the blow. My Skiings massivly getting better and I'm now doing 180's while going down the piste bothe still on the snow and jumping briefly. However I'm still building up to one off a jump which has the caperbility to seriously make me eat snow.
Life in the Alps is o.k, things are getting better in my chalet as far as getting on with my fellow work mates. I still wish I was in a lower part of town where some younger guys live but who knows what will happen.

mmm this is me saying bye bye
and I'll join the blog soon again for a bullitin of rubbish.
oh, I got a job in Japan with Aeon's children branch, Amity. I'll bbe working in a place called Niigata wich is just north of Tokyo and very near the mountains for skiing!!


Thursday, January 19, 2006

JJJ Hottest 100 - BBQ

Hooch, I will be at your BBQ 'WITH BELLS ON' - actually Kellie does say that phrase a lot. Maybe she got it from Ang who also says it a lot... So, too, does Dee. Must be a Heathmont thing.... And sorry for shouting.

Will we be listening to the JJJ Hottest 100 on the day, please Hooch? I certainly hope so. As you may or may not know, my brother and I used to hold a somewhat annual JJJ Hottest 100 BBQ. Shane is holding it this year for his friends and Eug is also holding a bbq... so many bbqs on one day. It is Australia Day, I guess. Kekovich would be proud.

Incidentally, I had sent an email to a few people to see if they wanted to see the movie called The Producers, also on Australia Day. Perhaps for those that want to see it, we can, after the BBQ wraps up. There are several sessions playing at Knox Cinema, 6:45 and then one around 9:30pm, I believe... What say ye?

Hooch, if you don't think going to the movie after your BBQ is plausible, (in that your BBQ will NOT wrap up), would you recommend to invite those people who I invited to the movie, who do not check onlycoolppl, to come along to your bbq...?? Unsure...

See you at Hooch's BBQ, no earlier - see you on Saturday!!!
AJ x

And yes, Hooch, turning comment into a transitive verb was very cool...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

And another thing...

Thursday the 26th Jan, aka (yes, Jen, pronounced 'akka', as opposed to the old school A.K.A) Australia Day:

Pull on your stubbies, and set forth to the bottle-o to buy a fat pig, or better yet, some grog. Then you can haul yourself over to my place, jiggety jig, where we will figuratively chuck some prawns on the barby, and literally put sausages on it.

There will be all manner of cool things to expect:
Bored? Well, we'll have boredgames [sic] just for you. Bring some along, if you are so inclined.
Angry? We could have a cross word or two.
Sober? If you BYO I'll accompany you to your enibriated state (conditions apply*), it is an Aussie tradition after all!
Hungry? Please bring a plate to share, with some food on it would be favourite. Pack-o-chips or dip or dessert or whatever, doesn't have to be big/fancy. I was going to attempt a pun about Vegemite here, but couldn't think of one, so here's the challenge: you can think of your own and comment it at the end of this post. We'll have a vote on the day to see who wins. (Hey, AJ, did you like how I turned 'comment' into a transitive verb!!)

My back yard
12pm (ie, noon, not midnight)
BYO: grog, meat, plate to share, boardgames if you wish.

Hope to see you there.

PS.please let me know if you are coming. You can bring a friend if you want, but anyone rocking up with a possie of UPCs (unidentifyable party crashers) will be in dire straights, and I'm not talking about the band!

Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie!

*No pressuring ppl to drink; no spewing; you WILL be held accountable!

DVD night :P

Hello duderoonies,

Yes, it's on again, to add to the summer festival of fun and frivolities we shall be kickin' it back and watching some quality movie(s) this thursday: 19th Jan, ohsicks [sic].

You know the drill: 8.30ish. My place. Blah-di-blah. Be there.

But wait! - There's more! There is a suprise waiting for you guys, and I'm not telling what it is, so you'll just have to come on over and discover it for yourselves tomorrow!


PS. Sorry this blog is so late - I've been having some trouble logging on to the net.


Monday, January 09, 2006

Good Vibrations Festival

Hi guys whoes keen for the 06 Good Vibes Fest?
Its on Feb 12 at the music bowl. The line up includes !!!JAMES BROWN!!! and a bunch of other great acts including Data Rock and Cuban Bros.
Tix are around a $100 plus b/f or cheaper if you buy them from the website below (you have to become a member). Its seriously worth going just to see the man himself! I saw him last year and it was fansastic! he is pushing 73 and may not be coming out here again so this could be your last chance! anyway, thats enough spruking for me im not his damn press agent!


Saturday, January 07, 2006

Return of the DVD night!!!! - Thurs 12th Jan

okelidokeli.....dudes and dudettes,

my place, thurs 12th Jan ohsix, 8.30/9p, start. prepare yourselves for: flying cirus, frasier, young ones, or even: METROPOLIS - a silent film from the dawn of film making....

give me a bell to let me know if you're coming, bring anything you feel like wathing.

PS. Erica, do you stil have AJ's copy of Da Kath and Kim code? if so, can i pls borrow it? if no, then i'll get on to AJ about it.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

In response to Eug's question: A LOT!

Hi everyone. Happy New Year!
I, too, will recount my NYE over at my own blog, and I was actually going to do so yesterday but Blogger sabotaged me. After completing writing my blog, I pressed the PUBLISH POST button and Blogger replied "This blog is not known" (by way of a pop-up response) before deleting half of my rather large blog. Nevermind... :)

A quick shout out to all to ask what you are doing on both Thursday 26th January (Australia Day) and Friday 27th January, as I am off work for those two days which should be great.

If anyone is keen to see a movie or catch up, I would really love to do so, as I haven't seen you guys in ages... Please comment or email me.

Hear from you soon!
Seeya! :)

How much does this pic of Jeff Buckley look like Dan?

Hail all bloggers!
Just thought I hadn't posted in a while and I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting for Anita, my Indonesian friend, to arrive.

So, the news: NO DVD night this week (although I'm sure you've already gathered that since there have been no posts or anything) because I will be settling my new guest into my house and I think it would be a bit overwhelming to have a bunch of strange ppl drop in on your first night in a new country. But perhaps next week....not sure yet, but I'll keep you posted (get it POSTED: like as in post it on the blog!! Man I need to get a new sense of humour!).

So...Dayna, Imo and myself had a great time at Falls Festival. I hope all you chickens and roosters out there had an awesome NYE as well, whatever you got up to. Turns out Imo was the mum of the evening looking after Dee and me who managed to get ourselves quite enibriated. We danced till well after dawn, stumbling off to bed at about 6.30am, only to get up at 10am to find pouring rain inwhich we became quite soaked while trying to decamp. Then we stopped off and spent a couple of days at Aireys' Inlet (thanks to my wonderful aunts for letting us invade) before reentering Melbourne and lunching with the grandparents before heading back home to bed and rest.

Perhaps you may like to drop a comment as to whether you agree with this post's title, or you could add something totally unrelated if you wish.