Sunday, July 30, 2006

Oxfam Fairtrade Coffee Campaign

Hi guys,

I was sent this by Keri. Rather than forward it to you all, I thought I'd post it here as a quick and easy reference to see how you can support the Oxfam Fairtrade Coffee Campaign by considering the brands listed below (even though they're not really in our area...)

Six Coles supermarkets in Victoria and NSW are trialing an expanded range of Fairtrade products until late July. We need your support to help make this work.

The trial of three additional products in NSW and two in Victoria is seen as a way for Coles to further test the market on Fairtrade – if it works their range is likely to increase and provide a major boost for Fairtrade.

If the trial fails, it will be a major setback to increasing the range of Fairtrade products available in Coles.

So we encourage you to support the trial, and spread the word to friends, family and others in your community.

- Republica coffee
- Cocolo chocolate
- Alter Eco rice (in NSW only)

- Coles Victoria Gardens
- Coles Southland
- Coles Fountain Gate (note the products may not be on the shelves there, but please ask for them)

- Coles Neutral Bay
- Coles Bondi Westfield
- Coles Broadway

Note that Coles currently stock Scarborough Fair brand Fairtrade coffee and tea. If you can’t get to a trial store, we urge you to support Fairtrade in your supermarket.

Thank you - your support is appreciated.

Terry Robb

Campaigns Coordinator - Victoria
Oxfam Australia
156 George St
Fitzroy, Victoria , 3065
Phone: +61 (03) 9289 9332

Fax: +61 (03) 9419 5318

Sunday, July 23, 2006

What Kel Wants for Xmas

What’s the best place to be when the sun is out at Xmas time? Wilsons Prom!

Luke and I are planning to head down for about five nights within the first two weeks after Xmas and would absolutely love if some of our friends come along.

We plan on camping, but I think there are cabins down there as well (will need to move quickly seems its peak season).

I went down there on Grade 5 and 6 Camp and still remember the beautiful day hikes! There are quick 1 hour walks up a mountain to watch the sunset and other full day hikes which take you through bush then out into beach coves where you can go for a dip, before heading back into the bush! These camps I still remember as its simply beautiful!

We’d love to get a group and spend the days at the beach or in the bush and the nights sitting around the camp, drinking, talking, laughing, enjoying each others company!

As its peak season camp sites will also fill quickly. If you can only come for a few nights that’s cool too! If you are interested at all please let either Luke or I know as we are keen to make this a group thing! Of course partners, work friends, cousins and more are all welcome – the more the merrier!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A good Saturday night boogie-ing gig

Ladies and Gents

'It's less than a week away
If you have a diary - get it out
If you don't - tattoo it on your arm
And if you don't mind, pass this email onto your parents or someone you haven't spoken to for a while
maybe a politician or a physician or some random guy who imports taxidermy from Africa
or maybe even one of those people that sends you out penis enlargement emails
that would really be great!

Martin Martini and The Bone Palace Orchestra'

I chose to tell you grand ppl, my friends! So come along- they are great- cabaret-rical, liricaly astounding & a hell of a laugh x

Friday, July 14, 2006

t'was the weekend to remember

So, Onlycoolppl.. the weekend.. tis our time to make a superb splash on Melbourne...Yey! Arn't we damn lucky! That brings me to my point... whats going down this fine crispy July weekend... Who wants to paint the town red??

Luke-Spanish club is $20 on sat night! You still interested? It looks like fun.
E- Are you market-ing this weekend? Do you have anymore red gloves?
There is heaps of stuff in Impress, or even pizza + rage would be grand..

C'mon guys 3 gloriouse night 2 brilliant days.. I'm keen hope you are too. Comments galore xx

*Melbourne Rialto tower view courtisy of D. Morrissey summer '05

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

DVD night at Erica's returns

It seems Eug is not the only one being slack with DVD nights. I am too. So that is why I have decided that this Thursday I will once again take a turn to host my own DVD night.

So, if anyone is up for it, my house, 8pm, tomorrow. Any and all welcome. Please bring snacks/any good DVDs you have/any craft activities you would like to do whilst watching.

Let me know in the comments if you'll be along!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday Shennanigans

Yes, OK, I recycled this from the mailout I sent. But it's Saturday morning and I'm tired.

Winter's wrath is harsh and biting
The Melbourne air is cold and smiting
Saturday night was not inviting
Until you heard from Eon!

They'll warm your loins with steamy lyrics
Warm your nose with wicked spirits
Warm your toes with many minutes
Of tunes that you can groove to!

You thought you'd be spending your night alone
You thought you'd be spending it on your phone
You thought you'd be spending it bored at home
But now you've found a bargain!

Entry is free
Tunes are free
Short skirts are free
Swiss cheese is free
Topless drummers are free
Good company is free
And we hope to see you there!

Eon Automatic @ the Brunswick Hotel
Saturday 8th July
Free entry

It would be awesome to see you!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

An Afternoon with Milly...But more importantly an afternoon with a seriously hot band, oh... and Milly! woo!

Music with Milly

Kingston Arts Centre Theatre (pic)

Spend an afternoon with one of Australia’s “Idols” – Milly Edwards (and some bass player named Will with a kickarse band...seriously!).
Performing classics through the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s from the silky smooth voices of Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James and others. Mix this with some contemporary jazz and blues from the likes of Diana Krall, Norah Jones and Joss Stone, then throw in some original compositions, a surprise guest for a duet or two and you have an afternoon with Milly you won’t forget.So come along and enjoy the talents of this, how did Mark Holden put it?“Funky, funky, funky young girl, who has IT!”

Sunday 20 August at 2.00pm
Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes including interval. Cabaret style allocated seating.
FULL: $22.00
00MEMBER: $18.00

Bookings:9556 4440


Monday, July 03, 2006

DVD night returns

Hello Fellow Movie lovers....

I know it's been a while (much more than one month, I apologise) so I thought I'd bring back the tradition we all know and love: The DVD night.

We're still half about half way through the Kubricks - thusfar we have watched Paths of Glory, Clockwork Orange, 2001:A Space Oddysey, Lolita and Dr Strangelove. Still to go are Barry Lindon (which goes for 4hrs or something ridiculous), The Shining (delisciously scarey, but perhaps not everybody's cup of tea), Full Metal Jacket (very violent, again with the tea comment), Eyes Wide Shut (lots of sex, more tea), finally there is Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures - a doctumentary on the man himself (I imagine it would be very interesting).

Cast your vote below in the comments section as to what you want to watch. If you're Kubricked out, feel free to make other suggestions.

So I'll see you at my place on Thursday 6th July at 8pm (note the earlier starting time).