Friday, September 30, 2005

THURSDAY 6th October

Unless i'm absolutely bulked down with homework (in which case, yes Dan, i'll do a ring-around)'s happening again this thurs:

6th Oct, my place, 8.30/9PMish.

We had a gruelling time of it last night... managed to get through both Dandenong's without falling asleep. as i've said in the comment below, i'd really forgotten what a lack of talent we had.... not matter, by esteem is shattered, and i'll never put you through it again (unless you want to, Dee!).....or at least, not until my next film.....(insert terrifying Jaws music here Da na Da na Da na, or possibly knife-stabbing music from Psycho Ra-ra Ra-ra). but that wont be for a while, so stress less my little tiny teddies.

so, apart from Dandenongs, we had a mix of things to watch. Some uni ppl (thanx Sean, James and Shoni) came over for Pizza, and then we watched the Tom Green Show (must have been boy-humour of something, cos the boys liked it, but it seemed pretty brain-dead to me). then Beck brought Arrested Development - one of those rare Gems in which American Humour is actually funny. and we watched a couple of episodes of that. then Dandenong's, followed by some never-before-seen footage of Will 'porning it up' on bass. followed by me dancing around in the foulest of 80s fashion (as one of Madonna's back-up dancers). three cheers for home video! then we watched 'wanderlust', or is it 'wonderlust', on SBS, which was a great way to top off the evening - (faux-)german tourist takes you around america on his whacky adventures.

well, i had a cool night, i hope everyone else did.

see you next week.


Dear Ms Hoochy Hooch,

I am writing in response to the highly aclamed film 'Dandenongs Creek' recently screened in Heathmont on Thursday 29th of September 2005.

Due to the limited media outlets in the UK, and nominal globalisation, you may not be aware it has recieved widly acclaimed reviews throughout Europe. Due to the uproar created by the showing of this film and its sequal, could I please request yet another showing to be scedualed in the near future? (Preferably post November!)

I look foward to your prompt reply,

With kind regards, Miss Dayna... she lives in a container :)

LOVE to you all...

Ps. AJ. A very very big Happy Birthday to you for last week... hape you had a fab time, sounds like the party was a complete success xx. yey!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Return of the DVD night!!!! - Thurs 29th Sept

This time it's for real, guys. we're really going to kick some DVD butt (figuratively).

There has been rumour (spread my me, only me, and so far supported by no one else but me) that the cult classic 'Dandenong's Creek: Seasons'* and it's smash hit sequal 'Awakenings'* may be screening.

Where: my house
When: 29th Sept, 8.30pm.
Why: because I gotta!

hope to see you there.

yes, that's right - you!

*available only in VHS; for a personal copy, contact your nearest Hooch.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Londoners wouldn’t know fresh if it came up and bit them on the bum....

In a supermarket ¾ of their frozen isles are made up of pre-made meals. Most people at work heat these up and have them for lunch. In the cold section the shelves are filled with pre-made sandwiches ready to go – they taste yucky!!! A few weeks ago I tried to convince Hafida, a chick at work, that while it said “fresh” on her lunch packet the food inside wasn’t actually fresh. Today I purchased a “freshly made Mediterranean Delight salad” from the sandwich lady that comes around and one bite into it I realize there is nothing fresh about it. When I looked on the box it said it was made yesterday, yet everyone at work still says its fresh!

What is with this city? Then again maybe I’m becoming at Londoner and complaining about everything……

Check this out!

A funny mockumentry on what is quickly becoming this blogs topic of choice.

cheers, Will

Monday, September 19, 2005

:( yet another cancelled thursday :(

Yet again......hopefully not so last minute that you all hate me (not that i could tell seeing as no one comments on here any way....where's the interaction ppl!)....

Thurday is cancelled.......rather than take responsibility for it my self, i refer you to my uni friends who have convinced me to go to Oktober Fest. I have already checked with uni, and you can still go, even if you're not a monash member, so extend the invitation to you would be cool to see you there.

it's $25 pre-sale ($28 on the door). unlimited drinks. Thursday 22nd Sept (yep, that's right, this thursday.

i'm not sure what time it starts, but if you're interested, or you want me to pick up a ticket for you....give me a call.

PS. hope you're not too peeved. but hey, it'll be a massive "RETURN OF THE DVD NIGHT" when it happens.

I'll keep you posted (haha, get it ...posted!)...


Hey guys,
Someone forwarded this to me. Being mainly Melbournians, I thought I'd pass this gem on to you, lets spread our pride and snobbery o'er land and sea...across the great world wide web...

...hope you like...




Sydneysiders are reeling this morning over news that Al Qaeda has announced Melbourne as a possible new target of their worlwide campaign to scare the piss out of people.

This is being seen as a major snub in social and political circles of the 2000 Olympic City, and leading Sydneysiders are calling on Al Qaeda to reconsider their choice of future targets.

The Al Qaeda announcement is also expected to make it even harder for Sydney poltiicians to redirect millions of taxpayer dollars from spending on education, child care and medicines for the elderly to buy CCTV cameras and other anti-terror related security measures.

"It's terrible news," said one Sydney security specialist who has been campaigning for the NSW government to spend $100 million on his line of robot dogs that sniff out bombs concealed in the buttholes of Islamomaniac poodles.

If Sydneysiders are disappointed by the Al Qaeda snub then Melbournians are absolutely gloating at the news that hit front pages and headlines around the world today.

Fashionistas down south claim the Al Qaeda announcement is yet another sign of just how 'cool' Melbourne had become.

"Obviously even Al Qaeda knows Melbourne is the city to be seen in if you have any taste at all," said socialite Rita Tayor. "Melbourne is so cool right now, everybody is flocking here, even bomb-happy, kill-crazy matyrs who hate our freedom."

An Al Qaeda spokesman has confirmed that Melbourne was chosen over Sydney because it is now seen internationally as the 'IT' Australian city of today.

"Sydney is, like, so over," said Al Qaeda media whiz Al Asuquf. "Well, not over, like bombed to hell over. Just over as a fashionable target for self-detonating suiciders."

"We do monitor what's hot and what's not in terms of the world's great cities," said Asuquf, "and Melbourne is definitely hot. We don't want to be seen as being out of touch with fashion trends, and so Melbourne was an obvious choice as the Australian city to honour with a September 11 anniversary threat of looming carnage and mayhem."

Australian Prime Minister John Howard said the new Al Qaeda threat confirmed the necessary validity of his plan to track terrorist suspects by satellite, install 'hate thought' detectors in peoples' brains and lock up four year old children fleeing war zones until they learn what Free Australia actually means.

"When you're dealing with terrorists who hate our freedom," said Howard, "it is vitally important to stand up to their threats by restricting the freedoms of Australians as much as possible, to show the terrorists that we will freely continue to fire bomb Muslims from the sky with our freedom jets until the whole world is free."

In the US, President George W Bush celebrated the September 11 anniversary by opening a string of new freedom-related enterprises. Bush oversaw the ribbon cutting ceremonies at the new Freedom Juice Company, the Freedom Jail for Jihadic Newborns, the Freedom Torture Centre and the plush new Freedom Execution Hall.

Bush has also endorsed a new line of products to help fight terror, including Freedom Shackles, the Freedom Infant Decapitator Bomb, Freedom Napalm and Freedom Testicle Electrocuters.

"We have always loved freedom, we continue to love freedom and we will never stop loving freedom," said Bush, who loves freedom, during ceremonies to officially announce that September 11 will now be known as 'Freedom Day'.

"To celebrate Freedom Day every free citizen of free Western society will be required by threat of torture and detention to freely celebrate their freedom by being free and freely repeating 'I love freedom' one hundred times," said Bush.

"Being free requires the strict enforcement of free laws to enforce freedom," Bush said. "You cannot be free unless there are free laws to make sure you are being free correctly."

Both Bush and Howard have also denied rumoured plans to build a 100 foot tall wall completely encircling Iran, Iraq and Syria to create the 'Republic of Freedomistan'.

"I thoroughly, and freely, reject these scandalous lies," said Howard at the joint media conference. "But all options are still on the table."

Bush then searched under the table before asking Howard, "I can see the media but where's the joint?"

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hellloooooo Australia

Hi to all you cool people... im off to spain today! (Not evey day one can say that)

Its loads of fun travelling... london is hmmmmm, a capital city in respect to the pace that everything moves... including busses, taxies, bikes and ppl...basically life! Today its raining, but we have been so lucky with the weather. Sight seeing has been lots of fun Galleries, museums and an array of 'old' things, inc. Tower of London, and Cambridge University.....

hope to hear from you soon

All my LOVE Dee x

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Monash Philosophy - Movie night.

Hey guys, i'm probably going to Look Both Ways, but can't make it to Waking Life. why don't you have a chat amongst yourselves (comment comment comment) and orgynise [sic] a cool night out. would be really cool to see you there.

Classic have generously provided HALF PRICE tickets to the fantastic new
Australian film 'Look Both Ways'. Come along to Classic this Wednesday to
see this unique film, followed by coffee and discussion at a nearby cafe.
Friends welcome.

When: Wednesday 14th September 6.45pm for a 7pm start
Where: 9 Gordon St Elsternwick
Price: $7.00 (ie. half an adult ticket. Available to members and guests)

“Look Both Ways is always intelligent, perceptively observed and deeply
felt. It’s a rare film that’s so unafraid to ask the biggest of big
questions – and ask them so entertainingly.”
- Michael Adams, Empire

“An intelligent and moving contemplation about mortality, fate and
- Jim Schembri, The Age

Join us once again for pizza and see the acclaimed philosophical film
'Waking Life'. Come along to meet other members or bring a friend. All
those who attend will have the chance to win a $30 voucher kindly donated
by Readings Bookshop.

When: Wednesday 21st September, 6pm for Pizza 7pm Movie
Where: Wholefoods, Campus Centre
Price: $4 members/$5 non-members (Pizza by Gold Coin Donation)
Tickets sold Mon 19th - Wed 21st, 12-2pm outside the Menzies, also
available at the door.

'Waking Life'
A man in a dream state encounters many characters who, one by one, talk
about their views on the meaning, perception, and reality of human

"Waking Life is a living breathing painting of sorts, and the closest you
might ever get to dreaming with your eyes open. It is quite literally
poetry in motion, fun, and Richard Linklater's best film to date.
It'll do your head in. 5 Stars."
- Megan Spencer, Triple J Reviews

Thursday - Cancelled or Venue change

calling on all you loverly ppl.............mum has bagsed the house this thursday.

so no thursday unless someone else is able to provide a venue. Beck? Will? Erica? Carl? Anyone? i'm not sure who checks this site or how frequently.........So unless you hear otherwise, cancelled until further notice.

sorry guys......

Monday, September 05, 2005

Has Dee brought her mobile?

Hey dudes,

Trying to contact someone as soon as I can. Does anyone know if Dee bought her mobile over to the UK? I smsed Dave but he hasn't replied and I want to welcome her to London! If she has can someone email me, her mobile no. as I didn't bring it with me!

Thanks guys, hope all is well!
Lots of Love, Kel

Thurs 8th Sept

hope to see you there...

My house

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Look a little closer...

How does the human mind come up with these things? who knows.............this one's gold, absolute gold...

curtesy of

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Lonely Man

I have just been looking for interesting origami patterns, to follow up on our origami yoda of several weeks ago, and came across this priceless site:

Origami masterbation anyone?

Die, spammers, die!

I have just turned word verification on the comments, which will hopefully get rid of this spam that is very very un-cool. It'll work unless the spam is actually generated by human power, not computer power. What a sad job that would be, sitting at home writing spam on people's comments...