Friday, July 29, 2005

thurs just gone

gees guys....oops....sorry,

i could have sworn i already put a post up for 28th Jul. but i just had a look on here, and evidently i didn't.

sorry sorry sorry.

lucky for me (assuming that you all knew it was on, even though it wasn't on here) Crazy Carl rocked up anyway... bringing along my friend Sud, known by some to be the funniest man of all time. Erica called to check, and so she rocked up too, and Will popped in a little later still.

fun night was had by all. the viewing included the last episode of Kath and Kim series 2 (the one with all the flash backs and Kim has the baby at the end), followed by Fat Pizza the movie - off at which we all laughed our arses (never and a sentence with a preposition!!!).

Gnome, i really wish you could have come. sorry, i didn't read your message till tonight (~1.30am Fri morning)... hopefully see you next week.

Beck, sorry if you thought it wasn't on because of the lack of postage.
well, just to get in early: next week is on, unless you hear otherwise.

Aug 4th, 8.30, my house...

till then, farewell.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Hi all,
great post Luke, I think you should errmm...'retain' the wonder-chair when/if you leave your work place. Its an unspoken employee benefit after all, like keeping the stationery.
Hooch, are we on for this thursday?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Best Chair.....

Sitting here at 12:27 pm (21:27 Melbourne time) at work and during my lunch break listing the bells of St Paul’s Cathedral in the background. I have decided that without doubt that I am currently sitting on the best and most fantastic chair I have ever sat on.

I know this is a big call...but it has some merit.

Think of a normal office chair, even the fancy ones have only 3 real functions. Up/Down, Back support forward or back and a swivel.
Now don't get me wrong this is good... but it really doesn't compare with the chair I am currently sitting on.

My Chair is an office chair, that has been designed no...engineered to perfection. I say with all honestly I have found a button to push or a leaver to pull every day I have been at the office... for the record I have been here 7 days.

This chair has so many function I can't mention them, but some cool one are, a sliding seat base (i.e. your car seat) adjustable height on ever arm and leg...with the aid of really cool hydraulic buttons. Lumber, food and upper back supports, each with there own gauge. As well as many others which I do not have the technical knowledge to describe. Also it has a coat hanger on that folds out of the rear of the unit.

I think that from now on, every chair I sit on will be a let down.....

Hope all is good . The Weather is crappy at the moment. Kellie and I are planning a trip to either Spain for the la tomatina festival (massive food fight that takes over a town). Or a 3 day trek around Wales. We haven’t decided which one to do yet!

All the best


Thursday, July 21, 2005

gnu metal vs nu-metal

Um, I just wrote the title to provoke a debate. Possibly.
Anyways, just to let you know Hooch, I can't make it this thursday - I'm heading off to sunny Nagambie for dog trials - no, we don't put them on the stand and cross examine them ("is this your squeaky bone? Can you explain how it came to be under my bed?"), we just try to get them to retrieve fake ducks over rivers and through bracken and so forth. As its winter, they may be understandably reluctant on the water retrieves. It will be nice to be away from melbourne.
So, I'll be there next time - AJ, wasn't there a promised futurama night? :)

Hello All!


Hello All

Just thought I would write a quick 'Blog'. Hope all is well down under, unfortunately I will not be able to attend your DVD night Hooch....

Things here have been very hectic! Started work this week as a 'Graduate Analysis' for Mellon Financial really interesting and am really looking forward to seeing where is goes.

Kellie and I haven't had much of a chance to do much touristy things of late, this weekend we are going to watch the ashes test from lords so that should be great fun, over the next few weekends we will be going to Cambridge, Oxford, Leads Castle and all other destinations outside of London.

As you all know this place is so full of history, for example my office is right next to St Paul’s Cathedral (1500 AD) but al it is next to a site that was founded by the Priory of St Paul in 1200 AD...there are grave stones and all sorts of bits and bobs in the small square...I have lunch outside and walk the sounding street and just lap up the history!

Anyway must be off, will 'Blog' and email soon. Hope all is well down there and looking forward to receiving nice emails from people!

All the best


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

THURSDAY 21st July

Hey gang,
yet another week passes us by as we go about our respective days, noses to the metaphorical grindstone called life.

But wait! Is that another DVD night on the horizon! Yes! That's right folks:

8:30pm, my house. bring all your fav vids and deevs. and if poss a pack o' chips or something.

til then,

farewell all.

xxoo Hooch

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Back from Tassie!

Hi Eug & gang. It's only when you leave the city for an extended period of time that you realise just how much stuff is going on, and how much stuff we have around us that cries out for attention. Not to mention forced stuff that is expected of us.

I guess it could be seen as escapism - to run to the bush as often as life will allow - but I see it as just the opposite. There is no better place I have found for reflection and peace, while connecting meaningfully with people you've just met.

There are a lot of cliches that could fill this space, but I'll just submit a photo and let your imaginations do the talking. Remember that a photo never, ever does justice to the mindboggling size of the scene.

My wilderness companions have written me a list of "must-sees", so I might borrow some DVDs one thursday and actually turn up around 8:30 so we can watch a whole movie. I do look forward to thursdays...bcnu this week!


Sunday, July 10, 2005

greetings and salutations

hello all,
After eug's heartfelt plea for posts, I felt too guilty not to. (see? It worked, hooch!)
I shall definitely be at the next one, with nibblies in hand and john safran DVDs to return - I've been watching them and disturbing the neighbours with howls of laughter.
Also, check out - beautiful and complex :)

Cheers all and till next thrursday

Thursday 14th July

So, her we are again at number three Tree St. Bangers and mash aren't home today.......

honestly guys, no wonder people divulge their deepest darkest secrets on their's as though no one is watching.....or at least it is on this blog......

I'm begging you for the umpteenth time: post post post!....or at least comment comment comment!

Hello Luke and Kel if you're reading this. feel free to give a communal update of your adventures on here.

so, now, down to business: yes, this thurs 14th July there's a DVD night. please ring to let me know if you're coming, so that i can be a smidgeon more organised than usual. also, it's starting at 9pm (even though no one rocks up till then anyway
mutter mutter mutter)

Last week we had a cosy group, we sat around the fire and watched Zoolander, which is always quality viewing.

hope to see you this thurs. if you could bring some form of nibblature (nibbles), whatever's lying around the house will do, nothing fancy.

See you then.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Thursday 7th July

HI guys,

sorry i haven't posted in a while.

Latest News: Kel and Luke are on the plane, flying over to England as i type this message: hi guys, if you're reading this!

Yes, there is a DVD night this thurs. (and there was last thurs too, we had Carl, his friend Anthony, Naomi (hope you can come this week too, chicken!), and Dean came , and Will also popped in for a bit....but went off to LAN - insert appropriate computer-geek noise here!). we ended up watching a variety of things.....from Young the Family Guy...and even watched the "darkomentary" from the director's cut of Donnie Darko (but, Darryl Donaldson doesn't sound anything like a super hero!). oh yeah, and we also dabbled our metaphoric toes into the world of anime with gnome's "hellsing" (not the van helsing movie...but a derivation from the same comic.......rife with vampires, et cetera). imo and i spent the hours leading up to the night cutting up firewood, so we had an open fire, which added to the atmosphere somewhat....and added to the smokey stench afterwards which we have been enduring all week.

this week.....who knows... you are invited to bring along anything you enjoy.........some of the things i've got on offer are: Kath & Kim, Black Adder..and various movies. as i'm on holidays, we can party to the wee hours of the morning if you so wish.

hope to see all of you - my pals and accomplices.

_( 0)