Monday, November 27, 2006

Imo's 21st

Awww. Isn't she cute?

It's a dress up party, any theme you want; but beware: no costume=no entry (don't worry, we'll have costumes onhand that you'll be forced to wear if you don't make the effort) .

If you're stuck for a theme, I'm going with 'Op-Shop Formal Wear', and would be glad to have some company. Also, Imo's made a special request for someone to dress up as Peter Andre - do YOU feel up to the challenge?

So, I s'pose you want the details?
When? - 15th December.
Where? - My house.
What time? - From 7pm.
The perks? - Food provided, and you get to hear all those stories you wanted to know about Imo but were too afraid to ask!

BYO: sleeping gear (if you live far away and need to stay over), grog (some provided).

Please RSVP via this blog or msg me or Imo.

Hope to see you there.

Rally November 30th (this Thursday)

Much to the chagrin of our fair William, I am putting yet another political post on here. These issues are affecting all of us, and protest is one of the few avenues left open to us.

I'm having difficulty uploading the image, so here are the details:

The Rally is at the MCG
Gates open 7am - get there early if you want a seat.

Carpooling/catching the train together would be great. Comment below to organise.

See you all there! (yes Willum, that includes you!) :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rooftop Cinema!

Today I got sent an email from three thousand magazine (if you've never heard of it go now and subscribe, it's free, it's web based, and it's all about cool stuff going down in Melbourne!) about a new Rooftop Cinema that's opening. It looks like a really awesome summer concept, and I'd love to go along one (or more!) night(s) in December to see some of the cool films they're playing.

Visit, have a look at the program and let me know if there's anything that particuarly sparks your interest. There's a Bill Murrathon which looks ultra cool, as well as a whole heap of awesome old movies I've yet to see. I'm not sure how fast tickets will sell out, but possibly quickly if the concept proves a popular one.

Away my culture lovers, away!

Monday, November 20, 2006

New York City!

Hi everyone,

Sim and I have arrived in NYC. Yesterday (Saturday), we went on Kramer's Reality Tour. The 'real' Kramer (Kenny Kramer) has set up a tour bus where fans of Seinfeld are able to join him and tour NYC and see the sights that inspired stories from Seinfeld. Kenny Kramer was the inspiration for Kosmo Kramer on the show...

Check out the Nov 18 photo of Sim and I in front of Tom's Resturant, which is the inspiration for Monk's Restaurant, the main hang out of Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine on the show: - I'm standing right behind the real Kramer and Sim is kneeling just behind him - see if you can spot us - sorry for the small res picture. Hopefully you can save it and then zoom in to find us!

Last night we saw a Broadway show: The Color Purple. It was a very last minute thing to see it and we queued up for half price tickets before making a very quick dash down Broadway to see the show. It was really well done and a very powerful story, based on the novel of the same name.

Today (Sunday) we are planning to take a 3-hour cruise around Manhattan island, to get some good photos of the Statue of Liberty etc. Tomorrow, we may visit Ground Zero and look around south Manhattan.

We're having an awesome time.
Please comment and let us both know what you're all up to...

Giddy up!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

My next play.

Sorry to all for the late notice; here is the details for my next play, once again at Strathmore Theatre co.
It'll be lots of fun and I hope to see you guys there.

Kindly Leave the Stage
by John Chapman

An English comedy set in modern-day London. To the embarrassment of their dinner guests, Rupert and Sarah announce that they are to divorce.
From that moment on, chaos reigns - what is real life and what is theatre?

November 23, 24, 25, 26 (2pm Sunday Matinee) November 29, 30, December 1, 2

Adult $17.00 ($12.00 concession/child)
Groups of ten adults and more (for the same performance) will also receive a discount of $2.00 per ticket.

BOOKINGS: 9379 5348

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ten Things I Hate About You - Where its from

Hi everyone,

Needing to ask a question and I’d love as many answers as possible.

How many of you know what play/author the movie ‘Ten Things I Hate About You’ was adapted from?

Basically I’m trying to establish that it doesn’t matter if people don’t know the original and that many people who have seen this film would never even consider reading the book it was adapted from.

So come on…we are friends… be honest…no Internet searches (In fact to help my case I’d prefer if people didn’t know).

Thanks, Kel xxx

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


ok ok ok. I know this isn't what this blog was created for. But when one is trying to change the world, one has to make concessions. One hopes one's friends understand.

I have just created this petition:


because I found out the university is planning on shutting down our library because of VSU. If anyone is from Monash, or feels like supporting Monash, please sign it and tell your friends about it.


xx Hooch

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Greetings from sunny LA!

Hi everyone,

a BIG hello from sunny LA!! It really is sunny - hot actually. Not smoggy at all...
We arrived yesterday morning (Sunday morning at 7:30am). Today (Monday) Sim and I went to Universal Studios and did so much there. It was really fun. Got some cool and daggy photos with Shrek and Princess Fiona, went on the Back to the Future Ride and The Mummy Returns Ride. All very cool. Ate dinner at Hard Roch Cafe just near Universal. It's all so interesting and everything is just as you see in the movies - palm trees everwhere.

Out hotel is right near the Walk of Fame, Kodak Theatre and Mann's Chinese Theatre. Very close to the Hollywood sign. People on the street trying to sell everyone bus tours of Hollywood Hills to go past the homes of celebrities. May be interesting....

Overall, first full day in USA has been realy cool and fun. Having a great time.
Have free Internet (15min) access in the hotel which is awesome. Email away or comment on here...
Hope everyone's really well. Comment comment comment!!! :)

AJ x

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Return of the guy from the bush(es)

Hi everyone,

In case you don't remember I'm the bike guy who buggered off almost a year ago. To East Timor. I managed to save an airfare from Melbourne to Darwin and ride to Cairns instead. Yes, my middle name is serendipity.

Is there still a bit of a meeting every so often at Hooch's place? If you're nice I'll skip the dreadful 4 hour slideshow :) Nah, really I'm up for some high-brow cultural films (and chats -- glad to see this blog get contraversial btw!) I've discovered there's only a small island of something resembling culture in the country, and it's called Melbourne.

Anyway, hope everyone is well.

Little Help

Hey there everyone. As some of you may or may not know, I will be auditioning for the Actors Centre in Sydney this year, for this I am needing to make an audition video. I have a camera (thank you very very much hooch!!), I have a space (St Martins Rehearsal Room) and a date and time (Sunday the 5th of November from 5pm till 8pm).

Now all I need is one or two people, one person to operate the camera, and maybe one person to act to during my audition speeches (you'll just need to stand somewhere close to and behind camera for an eye-line) and if anyone has some editing software and can burn DVD's that would be awesome. I know I am asking a big favor and I know a lot of you are very busy this time of year, but I would be extemely grateful for any help I can get for this.

Cheers guys and hugs to all.